Why I’m Not a Fan of Bookish Subscription Boxes

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Why I'm Not a Fan of Bookish Subscription Boxes

Let’s talk about anything bookish!

I had this post drafted (but not finished) for a few weeks now but I read Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction’s post on Book Box Subscriptions so I decided to hold off and change my post a bit.

I used to subscribe to a few bookish subscription boxes a few years ago. However, I really think that they aren’t worth it, to me anyway. While I would love to continue subscribing to these boxes, I just don’t think it is practical for me to do so. And here’s why.


The Books

I am a very picky reader and a mood reader to boot. For book subscription boxes, they don’t tell you the actual book they are including in the box. While this is awesome for those who want to be surprised, it’s not practical for me at all. To date, I have only read 1 book from the book subscription box that I subscribed to. And this was ONLY because they shared WHAT the book was before I purchased it.

Owl Crate (1) (2) | Bookly Box (3)


I even tried different subscription boxes – even romance – and I still didn’t think it was worth the price I paid for the box AND the goodies!

If only I can pick the book that goes into the box. In fact, I purchased this Warcross box because I KNEW the book was Warcross by Marie Lu from Fan Mail.


Bookish Merch

Here’s the thing, I don’t really have a lot of space at home so bookish merch isn’t one of the items that I really want to keep. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bookish merch. I just don’t have space for it!

Book sleeve by Novel Nuzzler | Fan and confections from the Ever After Box | Resistance Pin from the Ever After Box

There is also some bookish merch that I don’t really care for. While I love looking at pins, I don’t really have a need for them. This goes for magnets and other tiny stuff! Sure, I can use them as props for Bookstagram, but I haven’t really used them!

Candles from Novelly Yours

Candles are another thing, though! I would love to have some, but I also think they are a tad bit pricey! Seriously, these candles were from 3 years ago!


The Cost

It’s really hard to be an adult because of the things that you have to prioritize. So, monthly subscription boxes are a cost that I can’t really rationalize (although, I really wish I can). While some of them are reasonable, with all the goodies that go in the box, I still can’t commit to subscribing. And as I mentioned above, I don’t really care for some of the bookish merch.

Even if I love making lists about what I want for the Holidays, I’m still hesitant about buying all of them!


Do you love bookish subscription boxes? What are your faves? 


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26 responses to “Why I’m Not a Fan of Bookish Subscription Boxes

  1. I totally agree with all of this! I have a really hard time justifying the price. I’ve tried PageHabit (awful experience) and OwlCrate Special Edition (LOVED IT), but I ended up donating or giving away the majority of the items that came in both of the boxes. The one subscriptions I do have though is Book Of The Month. It was a gift, but the pricing isn’t too bad! And you get to choose from 5 book options; you can skip the month if you don’t like any of the options! And there’s no junk! It’s just the book! This subscription is just perfect for me 🙂

  2. Oh I totally understand how you feel! I do work for a few companies and REALLY enjoy it, but it would worry me buying for myself without knowing what the book is?! Like I’ve gotten a few rep boxes and know instantly that I hated the book…I’d be devastated if I’d bought it. *awkward pause* ?And some boxes definitely are better quality than others. I just wish they kept boxes back so you could buy them after the release and know what was in it!! That would work better for people like me who want to know what they’re getting haha.

  3. I haven’t tried any book subscriptions yet, although I have been tempted with Bubbles and books. Which is a subscription where you get bath and soap products with a romance novel and they are all books that are books I normally read like for example: Julia Quinn, Christine Feehan, Tessa Dare and books like that. So I might try it out since I love bath products. You can choose the genre you want which is fun if you like a specific genre. But most of the ones I have looked at in the past I haven’t been tempted by that much.
    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Triple The Love Book Review-Mystery Man, Wild Man, and Law Man by Kristen AshleyMy Profile

  4. I’ve never actually gotten one but I wouldn’t consider subscribing unless perhaps they had a nonfiction only one. That’s my biggest pet peeve. I only read nonfiction so getting fiction wouldn’t help me. I don’t really care about the book merch either unless it’s about books in general (as opposed to a magnet or pen about a certain book.)
    Kathleen Bailey recently posted…The Wine Lover’s ApprenticeMy Profile

  5. Well, you already know I agree with all your points here (isn’t that funny how you sometimes come up with a post idea right when someone else does?). I like boxes where you know what’s in them, though (like that Warcross one). Not that I get them often, but I’m more willing to spend money on something that I know I’ll be interested in.
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Bite-Sized Reviews of The Lying Woods, What If It’s Us, Between Shades of Gray and The Hotel BetweenMy Profile

    • YES! Precisely! I’m also okay with the themed goodies that come with it.. but I’m wary of those that don’t show what the book is!

  6. Prices for Bookish Subscriptions keep going up, and I think it’s bordering on over priced. I never like any of the books that come in the boxes either, like you I would be much more inclined to subscribe if they had a few books to pick from. I like the bookish items, though but I am a pin collector lol.

    • Right! They are a little pricey and while I admire the business, I still can’t shell out that much money on a monthly basis.

  7. I jumper on the book box wagon a few years ago, but it’s really not worth it for me. I’m usually pretty good at guessing the books, but I have no need for all of the extra stuff. Unless its jewelry/apparel, they stay in the box they came in.

  8. I’ve only ever tried Book of the Month. I do want to subscribe to it again, if only because I quite enjoyed the ability to pick out which books to read!

    I love subscription boxes, because they make me feel like I’ve a personal stylist or something. XD I do intend to prioritize a few subscription boxes in the future, with bookish ones being 2-3 of them, just because I enjoy them so much! I think it’d only work for genres I don’t necessarily buy, however—like a YA box, that Japanese bookish box with a physical translated book, and BOTM. Other boxes, I’d have a harder time with justifying because I don’t want to subscribe to receive something I already have, because then I’d just be paying for the accessories instead.

    Adulting is definitely hard, but I rationalize my spending by putting my money where my happy is. I love books and want to be surrounded by them, and when I can fork it I enjoy spending my money on them instead of other things I’m not really interested in.
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  9. Sharlene Wegner

    Book boxes would never, ever work for me. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of books, so I really don’t want random books from authors I don’t know. And, truth be told, I usually either buy the books I want, get them from the library, or get them from paperback swap. I am always thrilled to win a book from a beloved author, of course! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Yes! Some of them are really on the pricey side! But I don’t begrudge the subscription box sellers for it, though. It’s just that I am too practical to spend money on unknown books that I probably won’t like.

  10. Yeah, the main reason that I’m not more into bookish box subscription is I don’t know what books I’m getting beforehand. I get a lot of books already for review and for whatever else that if I got a bunch of duplicate books or books that I have no interest in reading, I’d be annoyed. So I don’t even bother. I’m not that into candles but I would like to collect some bookish merchandise but…at the cost of a box subscription. If I want the merch bad enough, I’ll just buy it.

    Great post, Zee!

    • Same! I don’t usually try new-to-me authors especially if they haven’t been recommended to me. I have tried a few boxes and I didn’t think they were worth it.

  11. I also am not a big fan of subscription boxes. I think it’s mostly because I live in a small space and I don’t really have room for any of the swag items that come in them, and I also hate the unpredictability of not knowing which book you’re gonna get. (Also, I just don’t have a lot of disposable income at the moment, tbh. #postgradlife) The only one I get (and I love!) is Book of the Month, because 1.) you get just a book without any extra swag, and 2.) you get to choose the book you get. They always have great selections.

    • I don’t believe I checked out Book of the Month. I’ll have to look into it. I do agree that extra $$ is one of the major reasons why I don’t want to spend money on boxes with books that I won’t like at all.