Unique Holiday Gifts for the YA Bookworm in Your Life

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It’s about a week away from Christmas and you still haven’t purchased a gift yet!  Have no fear, I am listing a few holiday gifts perfect for the YA Bookworm in your life based on the books they read and love!

This is a short list where you simply pick your favorite bookworm their favorite book and buy something inspired by it!  I used young adult books for this guide because I was inspired!  Ohhh the goodies you can get based on the books you read!

Sit back, grab a cup ‘o joe, and click away!


Alice in Wonderland Flats | Etsy . $120

If they read this (1)

What perfect way to gift your favorite bookworm these gorgeous Alice in Wonderland wedges?  I personally love wedges because walking!  I’m sure bookworms who read Splintered will love these!

Bookish Candles | Etsy . $11

If they read this (2)

I love bookish themed candles!  If you have read Winter, you will know that Princess Winter loves sour apple petites!  It has apple, sugar, and honey!  I can just imagine the yummy smell!  Perfect for when you are reading (or re-reading) Winter! (PS: I already received mine and they smell gooooood).

Harry Potter Places Sign | Etsy . $60

If they read this (3)

This lawn sign is just on point!  A Harry Potter fan (me) would love to have this in my front yard!  All this needs is a broomstick!

Wicked Witch Bookmark | Etsy . $21

If they read this (5)

If your favorite bookworm is a fan of The Wizard of Oz (the movie, because her shoes were actually silver), you could get her these movie inspired bookmark.  Of course, if you are a fan of Dorothy Must Die (ruby slippers!), this is spot on!

Alien Abduction Tee | Etsy . from $16.33

If they read this (6)

So, I know The 5th Wave was about evil aliens but I thought this tee looks cute!  Definitely a must for alien fans!

Pride & Prejudice Mug | Society6 . $15

If they read this (12)

Evie Seo’s Pride and Prejudice mug is super cute!  Fans of this classic can sip coffee from this mug while reading said book!  Plus, Mr. Darcy!

Silver Stake Earrings | Etsy . $24.88

If they read this (9)

Enjoy these silver stakes earrings if you are a fan of  Cat the Red Reaper!  You will definitely look cute with this in your little black dress, or jeans!

Spaceship (Star Wars) Schematics | Etsy . $7

If they read this (8)

If your favorite bookworm LOVED Illuminae, definitely grab her a spaceship schematic poster!  It’s an added bonus that this is from Star Wars.  Of you could scan the schematics from Illuminae and have it printed!  Sweeet!

Throne of Glass iPhone Case | Society6 . $15

If they read this (10)

Got an iPhone or iPad?  Deck them out in this awesome Throne of Glass case!  Doesn’t that dress look killer (I love the knives)?

Bookish Throw Pillow |  Society6 . $20

If they read this (7)

I need this throw pillow naaaw!  Evie Seo‘s design for this quote is on point!  The feathers, the darkness – perfect!

Laptop Keychain | Etsy . $12

If they read this (11)

This book isn’t even out yet, but if you are thinking of purchasing this book for your love, don’t forget to slip into something extra, like this cute laptop keychain!

Crochet Katniss Cowl | Etsy . $45

If they read this (4)

Love Catching Fire the movie?  Did you salivate over that cowl Katniss wore?  Well, you can get it and wear it with pride!  This Katniss inspired cowl is perfect for those cold days of winter.

Happy Christmas everyone, and join in on the spirit of giving!  Don’t forget to pick your favorite bookworm a gift (or more!).  Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, for my hubby.


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6 responses to “Unique Holiday Gifts for the YA Bookworm in Your Life

  1. These are AMAZING! Seriously, I love how you did this! I have never seen such a creative way of doing gift ideas. And ummm I obviously need at least most of these 😉 Especially Katniss’s cowl! How is it that non-expensive? Wait, why question it? OH and I want everything that Evie designs too- she is just so, so good at it- they’re gorgeous!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Dear Santa, Leave the Books. Take the Cannoli.My Profile

    • Thank you, Shannon! I saw quite a few lists already so I decided to revamp mine 🙂 Planning to do a historical romance set but this will probably be for the new year LOL

  2. oh these just look so adorable!!! I have only read Harry Potter since I am not a big YA fan…but I love the gifts here. I am really tempted to get that cowl for my sister since she just loves The Hunger Games.

    • I picked mostly YA because I felt there were more items to look for BUT now, I’m thinking maybe I should make a historical romance one! Thanks for the idea, Renee!