Slow Burn is Not for Me | Truth or Beard by Penny Reid [Audiobook Review]

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Penny Reid’s books have been highly recommended to me from romance readers that I trust. Unfortunately, this may be one of those authors that I just can’t get into.

I don’t know what to think of this book? Maybe Penny Reid’s writing is just not for me. I mean, it’s written well, but I don’t exactly love the romance in Truth or Beard. And as much as I love punny titles, this could not make up my underwhelming reaction to this book. This may be an unpopular opinion to all the fans of this series.

This is my fourth Penny Reid book and the first one was a DNF. It may be because her overall writing style is not for me, plus her books are a bit of a slow-burn. And you know how I am with slow-burn romance.

Don’t get me wrong, I have read slow-burn romances that I enjoyed but one thing that I noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be chemistry between the hero and heroine in the ones that I did not enjoy. But I digress.

I did enjoy reading Truth or Beard but I wasn’t blown away by it. After all the hype and multiple people recommending this book, I expected to be wowed, at least. Yes, it’s smart and funny and I laughed out loud at certain parts. But I just wasn’t wowed.

Truth or Beard has a very interesting plot! I really like unrequited romance and I loved that it was was the hero, Duane that was “running” after the heroine. I liked that they were enemies when they were kids and I liked the initial build-up to their romance.

What really got me, though was the part when Jess and Duane finally acknowledged their feelings with each other. This was the part where it got really slow to me. This was the part where it dragged. I didn’t like how their romance and hooking-up was dragged for a few chapters. In fact, that turned me off and I didn’t feel Duane and Jess’ chemistry.

I’m not sure if I will continue reading this series and I’m also not sure if I will be reading any more Penny Reid books. I mean, this is the fourth book that I read by her and I was never wowed by all of the books.

I even picked up the audiobook to help me finish this book. While I liked both narrators, this couldn’t make me love this book. Unfortunately.

There are just those authors that don’t work for you, and it does look like Penny Reid is one of mine.




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8 responses to “Slow Burn is Not for Me | Truth or Beard by Penny Reid [Audiobook Review]

  1. I know many love these books but honestly its those hyped books I just always seem to struggle with. I do like slow burn but it does need to be written well for it to work.

    I think a hyped author that doesn’t work for me is Sarah J. Maas

    • I agree! I try to read hyped books when the hype has died down. With Truth or Beard, the latest book in this series was coming out, so there was a lot of hype for this series again.

    • You may like this! What I also didn’t like about it is the heroine was a bit indecisive, you know? And I also mentioned the writing style.

  2. Oh how sad this didn’t work for you, I loved this one sooooooooo much! But yeah, I get it if you don’t like the slow burn. I guess I just seem to connect with the female characters so much in Penny Reid’s stories that I can’t help but love all her stories. And they’re always so funny! But you’re right, sometimes there are authors that other people we know and trust their recs love, but we just can’t get into. Great review even if it wasn’t a winner for you!
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted…Blog Tour Review with Excerpt: Beard With Me (Winston Brothers #6) by Penny ReidMy Profile

    • I know we can’t love all the authors and I understand that not all people will have the same rating for each book and that’s okay. I do love the variety of reviews that I read and I don’t trust a book that has all 5-star reads!

      Some of my top-rated books have a one-star review somewhere!