Top Ten Tuesday: YA Characters that I Just Don’t Get

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Here we go!  It’s another Tuesday and it is time for LISTS!  You might not like my post today because I will be talking about Characters that I Just Don’t Get!  My post may list your favorite character so, if you are a little testy, you have been warned!

These aren’t characters that I love to hate.  These are characters that I just plain did not get, did not like, and did not understand.  At. All.


ELISA | The Girl of Fire and Thorns | Rae Carson

I had a problem lining Elisa at all.  I just felt that she was too immature in this book and I did not connect with her at all.  I think one of the reasons why a lot of readers liked her because she was not a skinny heroine in the beginning.  That being said, I just didn;t get her at all.  This book ended up as a DNF for me because of this reason.

GRACE | Shiver | Maggie Stiefvater

This is another book that I DNF’d and it was partly because of Grace.  I also did not connect with her and I felt she was a little too weird for me.  I mean, the way she loves the wolf that saved her is just – odd.  I get that it is Sam but it just weirded me out.

LIA | The Kiss of Deception | Mary E. Pearson

I did not get The Kiss of Deception at all mostly because of Lia.  Again, you see the trend here? I thought she was an unlikeable character that did nothing the whole book!  I mean NOTHING!  She just runs away from an arranged marriage and then hides away in an inn (?) while not pretending to be a normal person.  I just didn’t get it.

BELLA | Twilight | Stephenie Meyer

OH BOY!  One of my least favorites heroines of all!  The worst part of Bella was just ignoring ALL HER FRIENDS BECAUSE OF A BOY!  I mean come on!  And we see this in the second book, and the next and the next.  Just stupid selfish actions, especially to her father.  ARRGHH!!!

SOPHIA | Their Fractured Light | Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

I loved the Starbound series but I didn’t like Sophia.  I just did not get her.  Sure she was a con artist but I didn’t understand her plans for vengeance.  She was a little standoffish, too and I actually felt bad for Gideon.


ETIENNE | Anna and the French Kiss | Stephanie Perkins

Don’t shoot me please!  Because even though I like the name Etienne, I HATED HIM!  I did not like his indecisiveness between his current girlfriend and Anna.  I mean he was stringing two other girls AT ALL!  Can he be that clueless and not feel that 2 girls are falling for him?  And I don’t care what other people said, he CHEATED ON HIS GIRLFRIEND to be with Anna.

KAIDAN | Sweet Evil | Wendy Higgins

Kaidan was just too much of a bad boy for me.  He’s the stereotypical bad boy that was too perfect for me.  Meeh.

WARNER | Shatter Me | Tahereh Mafi

OH EM GEE WARNER!  I hated him the moment he appeared on the scene!  Plus, I liked Adam and I couldn’t understand how Juliette picked Warner over Adam!

EDWARD | Twilight | Stephenie Meyer

The hero that everyone thinks is the perfect guy.  I mean STALKER perfect!  He wasn’t even an ALPHA hero! All his actions in the consequent books show him as a spineless coward so do not get me started on him.  There is nothing cute or dreamy about him.

MAXON | The Selection | Kiera Cass

Ahhh the prince who had to choose a princess in a The Bachelor type of reality show.  Meeh.  I wasn’t impressed by him at all.  Honestly, I had a problem with the whole series but he was the worst character of them all!

Let’s Discuss

Do you have characters that you hate?  Do you agree or disagree with my above choices?  Let’s chat!

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12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: YA Characters that I Just Don’t Get

    • No, no! I’m not shooting you Goldie! I actually enjoyed reading New Moon but all other books were just meeeh. I actually read New Moon first, which was a bad idea, I think!

    • Haha I know what you mean! When I read Twilight though, I thought it was ok….until I realized how cheesy it was! I actually read New Moon first before Twilight.

      Etienne, though… I just don’t get his appeal!

  1. Haha great list! I totally agree! I’ve only read Twilight but your reasons for not liking the other characters… Yup! I wouldn’t like them either! I was never able to finish Shiver and Shatter me I think for this reasons and… Their writing style! Omg I give u a lot of credit for finishing Shatter me! I abandoned both books after maybe just 20 pages! The Selection… The Bachelorette concept… Exactly why I haven’t read this series!
    Daniela Ark recently posted…What a Week [37]: Writing Tip – Characters RelationshipsMy Profile

    • For Shatter Me, it was because I was sort of invested by the characters already and I just wanted to find out how it would end. I also listened to the audiobook so it really helped. If I was reading, I probably wouldn’t have finished it! The same goes with The Selection. I went through a phase where I watched The Bachelor/ette because the shows where so bad they were good… Now, I just can’t stand it! LOL

  2. The only one I disagree on is Warner, but that may be because I’m not the biggest Shatter Me fan. He was the only interesting and entertaining character aside from Kenji (who didn’t show up until way later). I didn’t like him in the 3rd book though. And Adam was okay but he also turned into a terrible person.

    • I just liked Adam in the first book. And honestly, I liked the first book. I listened to the audiobook for this and it was really well done….which was why I did not understand the arc the story went in the next couple of books. I had to finish the series even though I didn’t really like it.

  3. Such strong emotions! I totally agree on Bella and Edward. I haven’t really read the others, but I’ve heard a lot of people say the love Shiver. I’m not that tempted to read it now… 🙂
    I kind of want to do this one but I’m finding it so hard to think of characters!
    Annika recently posted…The Syndicate by Sophie DavisMy Profile

    • I know! I had to really think and look at my DNF list. Some of the characters aren’t really hated but just not connected with. Those books usually end up being DNFs. To be honest, I sort of enjoyed Twilight the first time I read it…. hahahaha my cat Twylah is named after Twilight! eeep! poor cat!