Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish Delights I would Die for

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Happy Tuesday, internets!  I’m jumping back into TTT to share 10 bookish delights that I absolutely would die for.  I mean, not literally!


That time I discovered AUDIOBOOKS

ihrya-graceling-audiobookAudiobooks has just made things faster for me reading wise.  PLUS don’t you just LOVE it when a narrators take the book to a whole other level of AWESOMENESS?  I know audiobooks isn’t for everyone, but for those who love it, it is a Godsend!  I am now able to “read” while driving, which is SUPER AWESOME!


Finding out a book character has the same name as me

ihrya-illuminaeOkay, I know this sounds STUPID and shallow but I LOVE reading a book when the main character has the exact name as moi!  I think this goes back to my childhood when I couldn’t find a character that I had the same name with.  Maybe because I have an unusual name?  Also, I hated my name then. LOL,  I did get my wish when I read Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff, though.


Attending a book signing…and finding out the author is really SUPER NICE

marissa-meyer-signingDon’t you just love it when you meet the author and they are super nice, and down to earth?  I am so lucky to have met awesome authors in the few book signings that I went to.  After all the negativity and some bad author behavior, I felt super jaded, that is until I started going to book signings AND following authors on social media.


When the author KNOWS ME BY NAME!

sabrina-jeffries-authorOMG YES!  Related to above, it is just amazing when an author not only REMEMBERS you, but knows you BY NAME!  So only one author has recognized me by name BUT it just blew me away!  I totally understand when authors just can’t remember you, because I am horrible at faces and I know they meet a lot of fans.  I had one author I met two consecutive weekends who didn’t remember me and apologized, but that’s okay.

Want to know which author remembered me, NOT ONLY by my name but my nickname? (DOUBLE AWESOME!)  The wonderful Sabrina Jeffries!  Sadly, I have no photo of both of us because Pierre is a horrible photographer!


Attending a book event and talking to people in line…and discovering that you like the same books!

ihrya-ACOTARI usually go to book signings by myself.  Yes, I am a perpetual loner, but it’s actually super fun when you stand in line and you strike up a conversation with random fans who also went to the event by themselves!  The things you find out about other fans are so amazing!  The common issues we book lovers have is that WE ARE THE ONLY BOOKWORMS IN OUR FAMILY and NO ONE IN OUR FAMILY UNDERSTANDS US!  I swear I’ve had this conversation multiple times with different people it just makes me happy (and sad because why doesn’t anyone else in my family read right?!) because I am NOT alone! <3

Even though my husband reads, he doesn’t do book discussions.  He also doesn’t understand my book hangovers.


Discovering a new FAVORITE read

ihrya-lisa-kleypasI love it when I pick a random book, even a hyped book, and discover that I absolutely LOVE it!  Don’t you?  Also discovering that blogger friends (and even random strangers at book signings – see above) LOVE it too!  Most especially if this read BECOMES a re-read!  Because don’t you even love REREADING favorites?!

I also love discovering that a book I had put on hold is now a FAVORITE!  Why has it been put on hold?  I have no freaking idea, but this has happened multiple times than I can count!  And I love it even more when said book revitalizes my love for the genre!


Bookish merch! <3

ihrya-flawedI great thing about modern technology is the bookish merch that we readers get!  I know back then, there were only a handful, like Barbie as [insert fairy tale name here] or something of the sort.  Now, we have a multitude of stuff ranging from mugs, pins, pillows, decals, cases, jewelry….the list goes on!  I mean, FUNKO POPS!


When a book to movie adaptation is GOOD!

ihrya-ron-funkoThere are only a handful of movies that were based on books where I enjoyed both book and movie.  Let’s be honest, we all thought that City of Bones was horrible, right?  I mostly think about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets as one of my best HP movies.  I remember the very first time I read HP and had that feeling of wonder when I walked into Diagon Alley.  Well, I had the exact same feeling when I saw the movie for the very first time! <3

The only reason why I am not mentioning LOTR because (gasp!) I haven’t read the books yet.  And I probably won’t.


Attending bookish events

yallwestI just started attending bookish events.  As much I would LOVE to go to BEA, it’s just not possible for me to attend.  FORTUNATELY, we had (and will have) 2 events here in SoCal that are free!  the LA Times Festival of Books and Yallwest!  YAY YAY YAY!  Plus, I also went to the RT Convention a couple of weeks ago!

I am definitely planning to attend more next year!


The old book smell

ihrya-classicsThere are a select few scents that I absolutely would DIE for.  One of them is the old book smell.  OMG if I could bottle that heavenly scent, I would!  You know what, I think there might be scents for sale already!


What bookish delights do you love?  Do you agree with my picks?  Share your thoughts below!

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13 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish Delights I would Die for

  1. I LOVE THIS. For multiple reasons, which I shall attempt to list. Because lists are cool.
    1. the old book smell is the best. Like, walking into a second-hand bookshop (especially one filled with the classics) – the smell alone is happiness.
    2. I reallyreallyreally need to get on the whole audio book thing. I’m just too lazy to figure out where to get them and how.
    3. SHE REMEMBERED YOUR NAME?! that’s amazing! My own mother doesn’t remember mine, so having an author remember it must be wonderful!
    4. New favourites are amazingness and there is nothing better.
    5. Finding a character with your name!!! I understand you so well! I was reading a Chicagoland Vampires story, and a character mentioned his sisters, Annika and Elisa – my name and my BFF’s name, right next to each other in a book. It was a wonderful day.
    Annika @ Hiding Books recently posted…April Top Five YA |ARC April and May Clean SweepMy Profile

    • OMG! OLD BOOK SMELL! <3 <3 <3

      AHHH That is soooo cool! It's awesome that your name and your BFF's name was mentioned! 🙂

      Audiobook from audible. I subscribe/month which is a little cheaper. You can also return audiobooks that you don't like within a year (super cool). I'm not sure if you have it there, but libraries here have audiobooks for borrowing. And I can borrow digitally, so no need to upload CDs or go to the library!

  2. I really wish I could get into audiobooks. It would make my drive to work less boring and stressful (even though it’s really only a 15-20 minute drive). I unfortunately tend to space out when listening to stories though (or people talking…).

    I was actually a huge fan of the Harry Potter movie adaptations. I mean, I know parts were cut out or changed slightly, and I know Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes weren’t green (not gonna lie, I didn’t even notice until the Harry Potter world nearly imploded after the first movie was released), but…I don’t know…they’re almost as comforting as the books are. They’re movies that I’ll watch over and over even though the Quidditch graphics in the first movie look totally cheesy.
    Jackie recently posted…The Book that Made Me Blush Even More | The Rivals of Versailles by Sally ChristieMy Profile

    • I admit audiobooks aren’t for everyone. in fact, there are a few books that AREN’T great in audio format. That being said, it took me a while to get used to audiobooks. In fact, I hated audio when I first started that it took me a couple of years to get used to it. Now I’m totally hooked!

  3. As someone who also has an unusual name, I TOTALLY get it^^ I found out from Marissa Meyer’s Publicist that they had a book where the MC had my name and I lost it XD LOVE audiobooks, book/author events, and basically all the other items you listed on your awesome list! xx
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #43My Profile

    • Yes, I am a member of her Street Team, though… but I think my photo looks different than how I look IRL!

      In HR, I haven’t seen my name yet.. hahaha

  4. “When the author KNOWS ME BY NAME!”

    Okay, I attended ConQuest in KC yesterday and introduced myself to Mark Oshiro from Mark Reads/Mark Watches. He immediately said…oh, yeah I know your blog, Second Run Reviews. I nearly died. Mark is huge in fandom and he had heard of my little tiny blog. I died.
    Terri M. recently posted…A Delightful Surprise I Was Not ExpectingMy Profile

  5. Goodness, that’s SO AWESOME that an author recognized you and remembered your nickname to boot–I’m sure that’s no small feat, with how many people they meet on a day-to-day basis!

    I would LOVE to attend…any?…sort of bookish convention, but unfortunately right now, it’s not in the cards. Maybe someday I’ll be able to save up money to travel and actually take the plunge. Here’s hoping you have a ton of fun at the upcoming events you’ll be attending!

    Awesome post this week! Here’s my TTT, if you’d like to check it out!
    Beth @ betwixt these pages recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday (#24)My Profile

    • Yes! I was super excited about that… I mean I AM part of her street team BUT there are a lot of people on her team, so I didn’t expect her to recognize me by name!

      Yes, I know events and conventions are expensive, unfortunately. It just so happened that RT was in Las Vegas so I just drove there… 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Beth!