Top Ten Tuesday Rewind: Bookish Resolutions

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I decided to pick the Top Ten Bookish Resolutions for the rewind topic today.  So far, I haven’t made a dent with this list… figures 🙂

  1. Reach my reading goal of 60 books.  Last year, I was 7 books shy of making my goal.  All of those books were on my currently reading list and I loathe the fact that I wasn’t able to read anything in December.  Check out my 2013 year in [Book] Review.
  2. Read books written by Filipino authors.  I am Filipino and I am personally disappointed by myself because I have not read any book/short story/poem written by a Filipino since I finished my Philippine Lit class back in 2006.
  3. Listen to an audio book.  I started listening to one early last year and I was not successful at all.  I find that my mind wanders while listening and that’s not really helping my cause at all.
  4. Read more new-to-me authors.  I have tried new authors last year and I am pleased to say that some have become one-clicks for me!
  5. Review all books that I have read.  That means being up to date with my Netgalley and Edelweiss accounts.
  6. Recommend more books to others.  Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of people in my circle that love the genre that I read but I have started recommending a few to people at work so we’ll see.
  7. Get a notebook and jot down favorite quotes and thoughts while reading.  This one is a toughie since I started reading almost exclusively on digital AT night.
  8. Read the paperbacks that I bought last year.  These are some of the books that I love and have a copy of in the Philippines that I either lost or did not bring with me when I moved to So Cal.  I found them on Amazon and I have them lined up in my TBR pile.  I heart Amazon.
  9. Connect with other like minded book bloggers.  Because my friends don’t read the same stuff that I do, I want to interact with other bloggers who share my passion.
  10. Join NaNoWriMo.  This one gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Do you have any bookish goals?  Do we share the same goals?


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0 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday Rewind: Bookish Resolutions

  1. I love your resolutions! I also had a resolution to read an audiobook. I started with something short – Animal Farm. I quite liked it, but I find it's really hard for me (I actually wrote a whole post about it). I don't really have a long commute and I don't gym, I do trail runs. So neither of those are really conducive to listening to audiobooks. I hope that once I enter the working world I will have a better routine that enables more audiobooking.

    Do you have any good Filipino lit to recommend? I am not sure that I've ever read any.

    P.S. I also struggle with writing down quotes. Sometimes it just feels like it interrupts my reading!
    BarefootMedStudent recently posted…Top Ten (Rewind) Favourite QuotesMy Profile

  2. This is a nice list! For your #3–I only recently started listening to audiobooks, and my mind did wander at first. It is a different experience than reading a book traditionally, and the quality of the narrator makes a HUGE difference! But now that I'm more in the habit I really enjoy audiobooks as another way to experience books. Give it another try!
    bookmammal recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday REWIND–Take A Peek At My TBR PileMy Profile

  3. I haven't listened to any audiobooks but I figure I should try it at least once. And don't even get me started on reviewing all the books I read…I think I read more than I care to review, or I'm so busy with book tours that I don't review the books I read for enjoyment. Great list!

    My Top Ten Tuesday
    Nette recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday RewindMy Profile

  4. I really need to start connecting and talking more with other bloggers. It's scary though! And YES do NaNoWriMo. I'm a huge advocate for it, and also an ML for my region so it makes me happy when people express interest. It's tons of fun.
    Shelly recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday REWIND!!!!!My Profile