Top Ten Tuesday: New Year Resolutions

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It’s 2016 and we’re talkin’ RESOLUTIONS!

Everyone always makes a list of resolutions for the new year BUT not all of us follow through.  I admit, I am guilty of abandoning my resolutions.  But for now, I will TRY my best NOT to break these resolutions and actually follow through.

In this list, I will add a little snippet of what I will do to accomplish said resolution.  Ready? GO!

Goal #1 Forge relationships with other book bloggers

The last part of 2015 was amazing in that I finally connected with a lot of book bloggers via their blogs and social media.  So this year, I plan to strengthen the friendships that I have started to develop.

How I plan to accomplish it:  I plan to be more active in the community and interact with them through their blogs via comments and social media via Twitter.

Goal #2 Read and review 80 books

Last year, I exceeded my goal and read 106 books, but I absolutely failed at reviewing them.  And although it’s not really required to review them, I still want to review more.

How I plan to accomplish it:  With the goal of 80 books, I plan to slow down my reading speed and actually list down any thoughts I have on the book I am currently listening or reading.

Goal #3 Increase my Netgalley Health

I am currently at 38% in my Netgalley health and that is not good.  I currently have quite a few books that need to be reviewed

How I plan to accomplish it:  This can be accomplished by following through on the Shelf Love Challenge.  Even if it means leaving a couple of sentences about the book that I read, I will do it.

Goal #4 Improve my review format

This is related to goal #2.  Since  I plan to review more, I also plan to finely tune the reviews that I post on my blog and make it more refreshing and unique.

How I plan to accomplish it:  Last week, I started a review style that I absolutely love!  I’ve also started to create visual skinny reviews for those who don’t want to read longer text reviews.  Yay!  Here is a sample:

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Skinny Review

Goal #5 Create more discussion posts regularly

When I joined the Discussion Challenge last year, I did not realize that I would enjoy writing more discussion posts.  Well, this year, I plan to write more!

How I plan to accomplish it:  Keep my legal pad with me at all times so when blog post ideas pop-up, it can be recorded.  Of course, I find that great ideas pop-up whenI’m driving so… *wink

Goal #6 Post more bookish photos on Instagram

I love taking photos but the last few years have been bad for me and photography.  And although I am not a pro at photography, I can use an SLR on manual settings.  My goal is to post more photos on Instagram.

How I plan to accomplish it: This is a little tough since setting up usually takes time (and accessories) that I can’t possibly have, yeah?  But I will persevere and try to post at least 1 photo a week.  Want to see?  Follow me on Instagram!

Goal #7 Read more physical books

I have started to read via digital and audiobook in the last couple of years and I admit to feeling guilty about it.  I’m not slamming or comparing the different ways to read BUT I will say that I miss holding a physical book and seeing the other perks of reading a physical book (like maps!).

How I plan to accomplish it:  I’ve actually challenged myself with Reading Unplugged and read at least 1 physical book a month.

Goal #8 Clean up my blog

For those who follow me, you would know that I was hacked in October-November of last year.  I had to delete everything and reinstall everything but I also lost all my images.  Mind you, I did everything myself.  Needless to say,  I found a few tips and was inspired to clean up my blog!

How I plan to accomplish it:  I have been slowly changing, and updating my posts and I want to continue doing it.  I found Ashley @ Nose Graze’s blog and have read her tips about protecting and improving your blog, and I am inspired.

Goal #9 Write down and take note of book quotes

I really envy those who can actually add quotes in their reviews.  And as much as I highlight them on my iPad/Nook, I still do not take the time to open them when I write my reviews.

How I plan to accomplish it: Get a quote book and write down the quotes that I like!  Plus, opening them when I write reviews!

Goal #10 Blog more often

I admit, I am one of those people prone to blog slumps but this year, I am trying to change that.  Additionally, this goal is related to goal #2 and goal #5, so this shouldn’t be hard.  I hope so.

How I plan to accomplish it: Set a time for blogging, at least, three times a week.  I will be working on my own blog schedule to help me accomplish this goal.  I also do not want to neglect to read all because I am spending all my time on my blog, right?

 Let’s Discuss

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?  Share your thoughts below or link me up to your blog post!

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    • I know what you mean! *sigh and I have to maintain my mom’s blogs as well…. and it’s a pain because she hardly updates them! ha ha

  1. I love your goals! Connecting in the community is awesome, especially when you find people you CLICK with! Look forward to your new review style and discussion posts!