Top Ten Tuesday: Debut Authors on My Radar

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This weeks’ Top Ten Tuesday I will be talking about debut authors on my radar.  I have read a few new to me authors and their debuts that I totally love!  I am so happy that we have reached a time where there are just a lot of amazing authors popping up every year!

Below are the authors that I can’t wait to read their sophomores and those that I LOVE their sophomores.

Can’t wait for their Sophomores

  1. Maria Dahvana Headley – I finished Magonia a couple of months ago and I was blown away!  Definitely looking forward to the next book!
  2. R.C. Lewis – I was blown away by Stitching Snow (can’t get enough of female hackers) that I can’t wait to read Spinning Starlight!  Of course, I already have the ARC for this book but I don’t have time to read just yet.
  3. Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff – Technically both authors are not debut authors but they debut Illuminae and it is freaking awesome (I don’t count the obvious reason as the main character’s name but…)!  I can’t wait to read the next book and I’m not even finished reading Illuminae yet!
  4. Amy EngelThe Book of Ivy is a refreshing take on the dystopia genre and I was devastated to find out that the second book wasn’t out yet!  The Revolution of Ivy is coming real soon and I’m super excited about it!
  5. Eva Leigh – I really enjoyed Forever Your Earl and I can’t wait to read Scandal Takes the Stage!

LOVE their Sophomores

  1. Amy TinteraReboot just blew me away!  I love Wren 178, I love the dialogue and I love the dystopia “robot” like dead/alive things.  Rebel (book 2) blew me away times two!
  2. Debra DrizaMila 2.0 was an amazing book, Renegade (book 2) was just phenomenal!  I couldn’t believe that the third book is not out yet!
  3. Amie Kaufman and Meagan SpoonerThis Shattered World is an awesome second book by these two amazing authors!  The third book, Their Fractured Light is coming soon!

Let’s Discuss

Are any of these authors on your radar?

Do you have any great authors that you would want to recommend?

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