Top Ten Tuesday: Creepy (non-Horror) Reads Perfect for Halloween

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I am an absolute scaredy-cat  and I DO NOT read horror. Not that I have anything against that genre but seriously, I GET SCARED SHITLESS when I read horror. In fact, I don’t believe I ever finished a horror novel – EVER!

However, I do get my “horror” fix by reading creepy, non-horror books. With that, here are 10 creepy books that WILL NOT scare you – much.


Perhaps one of the scariest of these lot is Coraline because HELLO OTHER MOTHER! I mean, don’t you think she was really creepy? And evil? And just – shudder! Those button eyes?!


Stalking Jack the Ripper. How can you not get creepier than that?! I just finished reading this book and it was AWESOME! And awesomely creepy, too! Not to mention the amazing Audrey Rose and Thomas?! Victorian Era London IS CREEPY.


The Madman’s Daughter is a retelling of Dr. Moreau’s Island featuring Juliet, Moreau’s daughter. AND THIS BOOK IS REALLY CREEPY! I have only one word: JAGUAR!


Her Dark Curiosity is the second book in The Madman’s Daughter series and this is a retelling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This time, the whole book happens in London and OMG the creeps! And Jaguar is still here!


A Cold Legacy, the last book in the series is a retelling or Frankenstein and OMG the creeps! I personally think this is the second creepiest book in the series. And bloody. And I love Juliet’s dark thoughts.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone isn’t really scary but it features Angels and Demons and Chimera. So yeah, in a way, it is really creepy. The world building for this book is FREAKING AWESOME!


Halfway to the Grave is one of my favorite paranormal romance books. Of course, it IS NOT scary, but it is a little creepy. And kick-ass, too! Oh, and BONES <3


The last creepy book that I read a while back is The Graveyard Book and although it is NOT scary, it is creepy. Imagine a boy living in a graveyard talking to ghosts?


Do you love horror? Or are you like me who enjoy creepy (but non-horror) books?

Book recs are welcome!

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