Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Just Didn’t Click With

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This week, I will be talking about characters that I could just not love.  Some of these books, I have finished, others I have DNF’d simply because of the annoying characters and some, are from book written by my favorite authors!

  • Elisa in The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson – I know this book has been on a few “best” lists and had high reviews but I just couldn’t finish it.  I’m not sure at what % I DNF’d this book but I did reach the part where she lost all the weight after doing a lot of walking.  Anyway back to the character, I just didn’t click with her at all.
  • Nicholas Smithfield & Lady Isabella Sawford in Put Up Your Duke by Megan Frampton – Nicholas, Lord Gage was reputed to be a ladies man but he didn’t show his guns when he seduced Isabella.  On the other hand, Isabella was just too naive for my taste.  I just couldn’t get this couple and even if I rated the book 3 hearts, these two aren’t one of my favorite couples.
  • Nevada Baylor in Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews – I didn’t click with her at all.  Okay, maybe it was because of how slow the story was moving but this ended up as a DNF for me.
  • Charley Davidson in First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones – I was listening to this in audio and I couldn’t get into the narrator’s voice.  Of course, that colored my love for the character.  Charley’s voice (her thoughts and other interactions) just didn’t do it for me as well.  Coupled with the narrator, I just couldn’t finish listening to this at all.  Too bad, I really love the sandals.
  • Juliette Ferrars & Aaron Warner in Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi – Ay, where shall I start.  I liked the Shatter Me series but I didn’t like Juliette and Aron at all!  I was not expecting their pairing and I didn’t like how she treated Adam Kent at all!  She really rubbed me the wrong way, acting like she was a holier than thou innocent when she betrayed Adam.  So yes, I can feel my hate coming on.
  • America Singer & Prince Maxon in The Selection by Kiera Cass – This series and these two characters were just not working for me.  I didn’t like America at all and I didn’t like Prince Maxon even more!  First, America was still pining for her boyfriend (who followed her in the palace, by the way) when she betrayed him by flirting with Maxon.  I didn’t even think that her love with Maxon was real.  Ugh.  Just. Ugh.
  • Anna Whitt in Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins – Anna Whitt, where do I start?  First, she is the daughter of one of the fallen angels and a real angel but then she had to act like she was evil (by drinking a lot of alcohol and doing drugs because her father was the fallen angel in charge of that) to fool the other fallen angels.  But then she was also acting like she was this goody two shoes girl that I just couldn’t comprehend what her personality was!  I finished this book, but I just couldn’t read the next one.
  • Mara Lowe in No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah MacLean – I love Sarah MacLean and I wanted Temple to find his happy ever after but not with Mara Lowe.  She frames Temple for her murder and then she goes back and apologizes to him like it’s no big deal.  And they fall in love.  I just think selfish and I thought she didn’t deserve Temple.  Because of Mara, this was the least favorite Sarah MacLean book that I’ve read.
  • Artemis Fowl in Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer – After reading Harry Potter, I wanted to find something that was in that vein.  I heard Artemis Fowl was good and boy was I wrong.  Artemis is someone you would like to call an antihero but he was an antihero that I didn’t like at all.  I also DNF’d this book because I thought he was just too obnoxious for me.  I haven’t picked up another AF book since.
  • Jacinda in Vanish by Sophie Jordan – I loved Firelight (the first book in the series) and I was anticipating the second book in the series.  When I read it I was super excited.  Until I realized that Jacinda was not what she was in the first book.  I thought she was a jealous selfish b and because of that, she made a huge mistake.  I didn’t finish the trilogy at all and I am hoping that she becomes better.  But at this point, I am not intrigued enough to read it, at the moment.


There you have it!  I hope I don’t get slammed for my selections.  But now I’m asking you, did anyone make your list?  Do you agree with my list?

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0 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Just Didn’t Click With

  1. JJ

    It’s a shame you DNF’ed the Artemis Fowl books because Artemis goes through such character development in the rest of the series. Still I can understand why he’s on your list because he is kind of annoying in the first book.
    JJ recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #20My Profile

  2. I’m always interested in seeing where my opinions differ from other people’s , everyone seems to be Team Warner. I don’t particularly love either of them but I hated how Juliette acted. Anyone who gets mad at you for that opinion needs to grow up! I left America off my list because it wasn’t that I didn’t connect with her , I just couldn’t stand her. I have the most mixed feelings about the entire series and all of it’s characters. Interesting list!
    Rachel recently posted…Characters That I Just Didn’t Click With | Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile