Top Ten Tuesday: Books I DNF’d

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This week on Top Ten Tuesday, I will be talking about the Top Ten Books I DNF’d.  I almost always DNF a book when I am not engaged while reading the first chapter or I just didn’t like listening to it via audiobook.  To date, I have 10 books that I have DNF’d this year.  I also have a On-Hold Shelf over at Goodreads where I temporarily put the book (or audio) on hold in the hopes that I will pick it up again.  I have quite a few books on that shelf that I need to reevaluate before the end of this year so I can check to see which ones I want to continue reading again.



I read and loved Graceling but I just couldn’t get into this story.  The main character was a weird monster-like creature that looked human and ate other monster animals like her.  It was just too disturbing for me to actually concentrate on the story.  I may read Bitter Blue, though.


This is another book that I just could not get into because I did not like the main heroine at all.  Sure, she was overweight (which was great) but she was just… I don’t know TSTL?  Anyway, I didn’t like the story at all.  Plus, there was also a hint of a love triangle (I stopped before reaching that part).


In this book, I didn’t like the chemistry between the hero and the heroine.


So….she has magic?  She controls multiple elements?  Avatar!  Yeah, well I couldn’t get into it.  I may listen to this again in the future but perhaps not at this time.


For something that was slated to be the YA Da Vinci Code, I had high expectations for this book.  And no, it wasn’t like The Da Vinci Code.  There was too much mention of being too rich to go shopping at high end places… yadda yadda and some killing and another love triangle (this was earlier in the book as well).  I thought it would be more of a gothic secret society thing or a fast-paced treasure hunt but no!  So, DNF!


I listened to this via audiobook and I did not like the narrator.  Unfortunately, with audiobooks that kills my enthusiasm and interest for a book.  And I was already at 40-ish percent and the main characters hadn’t even met!


This book had a very interesting title, an awesome cover, and a very interesting plot.  This was an audiobook listen for me and I HATED the narrator.  I mean, flat out HATED it.  I tried to get into it but I stopped at about 30-ish percent.  I may pick up the physical book for this one soon.


I enjoyed Uninvited but hated this book.  The first few chapters were just frustrating to me and I started to hate Davy so much. 


I am over YA Dystopian book tropes with princess-ey things.  Where a girl gets paired off to the prince or I don’t know, something like The Selection?  This felt like it was like that and I am just over it.


I wanted to love is!  In fact, I liked the heroine and the hero’s chemistry BUT their romance felt like a secondary romance because there was too much focus on the sister’s romance!  I mean, can’t the sister have her own book and not take over the h&H’s story?!


Have you read any of these books?  Which ones should I read again?

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