Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

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I have been reading for quite a long time and I am not including Sweet Valley or Nancy Drew to the mix because I think I have read more books on those than any series/author ever.

While compiling this list, I noticed that majority of these authors are also my one-click authors!  And yes, I also have a majority of their books!  I am only counting those authors that I have read more than 10 books.

  1. LISA KLEYPAS – She was one of the very first historical romance authors that I read and I immediately read all her backlist.  I think the first book I read was Secrets of a Summer Night (The Wallflowers series #1) and I was blown away!  I have read ALMOST all of her historical romance.  To date, I have read 24 of her historicals but I haven’t read any of her contemporaries because – well, I do not like contemporaries that much.  I am ecstatic that she has a new historical coming up this year!
  2. SABRINA JEFFRIES – Another one of my favorite authors!  The first book that I read written by her was In the Prince’s Bed (Royal Brotherhood #1) and I also read her backlist!  I have read 20 of her historicals including the 2 that she wrote under Deborah Martin.  I also met her once at the RT Convention in Los Angeles but I was still too shy to talk to her other than asking for her signature!  LOL,  I am also part of her street team and it has been really fun!  Plus, she writes short Will and Jane comics that are hilarious!  Check it out on her blog!
  3. JESS MICHAELS / JENNA PETERSEN – I have also read a majority of Jess’ books, especially now that she is writing more historical erotic romances. (woot!)  I first read Seduction is Forever (Lady Spies #3) under Jenna Petersen and was blown away!  I have read 14 Jenna books and 27 Jess books to date!  I am also part of her street team and it’s super fun!
  4. LORRAINE HEATH – Another one of my faves and I met her too…but then again, I was too timid to even talk to her other than ask for an autograph… ha ha ha… I have read 14 books written by her and I am currently reading the eARC for Falling into Bed with a Duke (The Hellions of Havisham #1).
  5. KAT MARTIN – She was the first historical romance author that I read (other than Harlequin) and the book was Secret Ways (standalone) and I was blown away!  This book made me devour her backlist as well and I read 14 of her books to date.  She has been writing more contemporary western books and I don’t really read books in that genre and I really miss reading her historicals.
  6. JEANIENE FROST – I first read her Night Prince series and when I was done with that I listened to Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) via audio I was blown away!  I was absolutely in LOVE with the characters, the whole scene despite it being contemporary.  Paranormal, yes but then again, paranormal is not really my thing!  To date, I have read 13 of her books and I finished her Night Huntress series and it was sooooo good!
  7. TRACY ANNE WARREN – is another favorite historical romance author and I have read quite a few of her books and I have read some of them more than once!  To date, I have read 14 of her historicals and I can’t wait for the new one that’s coming out next year!
  8. SOPHIE JORDAN – I have read her books in multiple genres and have enjoyed a majority of them!  I love her historicals and I fell in love with her new adult series, but I thought her YA was okay.  I have also met her at the RT Convention and had the book Firelight signed!  To date, I have read 12 of her books in all three genres.
  9. LAURA LEE GUHRKE – Her Girl Bachelor series was outstanding and I admit to reading most of them more than once!  I have read 14 of her books already and my favorite will always be Secret Desires of a Gentleman (Girl Bachelors #3) because there is baking and cake and romance.

This wraps it up!  I thought I would go up to 10 over 10 books read per author but I just couldn’t LOL

I have runners-up, though and I will share the top 3.

  • J.K.ROWLING – Yep, I even read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them complete with Harry and Ron’s writing on the margins!
  • SARAH McLEAN – I have read 7 books by her
  • TESSA DARE – I have read books written by her because I still don’t have the time to read her backlist!

Let’s Discuss

Have you read any of the authors on my list?

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0 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

  1. Sharlene Wegner

    I have read a lot of Lisa Kleypas & Sabrina Jeffries, and a few Lorraine Heath books. I have some of the other authors' books on my shelf & haven't gotten to them yet! Thanks for the list!

    • Sarah MacLean is fairly new…. and her historicals are awesome! I recommend you start with Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake!