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Happy Friday, wormies! Today, I am bringing you a treat! Author Amy S. Foster will be sharing a top ten list about writing! Plus, there is also a giveaway!

Top Ten Must Haves When Writing

  1. Notes. Plans. Schemes and Outlines. A lot of writers wing it. I am not one of those writers! It takes a while to map out my story. I detail each scene in a notebook- long hand. Then I go back on my computer and write it up.
  2. Me Time. Seems pretty obvious but with a house full of three kids, their friends, a husband and a dog, it became increasingly difficult to stay in the moment without someone interrupting me to ask about something (usually food related) or for a ride somewhere, which brings me to:
  3. My Office. I am currently having a love affair with my office. I bought a condo two miles away from my house and I come here every day during the week. I started my family very young. I had roommates and then a husband and then kids. This is the first place that is 100% mine. My children don’t even know the exact address (though my husband and I have date nights here which has been quite lovely.) Now, I can’t even imagine writing anywhere else.
  4. My Knitting. I am a crazy knitter. There hasn’t been a single time in the past fourteen years when I’ve been without a project. Knitting is great for a lot of reasons. It’s obviously practical, but in terms of writing, it helps me get ‘unstuck’. There are times when I’m trying to work on a problem with a character or pacing and the knitting will distract me just enough to solve it.
  5. A Netflix Binge. This is another version of the knitting. I will almost always have a tv show playing in my condo- usually with the sound off. The TV show is generally one that I’ve seen before and doesn’t require much intellectual effort. There are times when I’m writing when I’m just too close to it and I need to get out of my own head. I’ll sit down and turn the volume up on whatever TV show I have on (currently it’s Star Trek DS 9) and just loose myself for half an hour. I’m just going to go ahead and name drop here and say that my friend, David Guintoli from Grimm calls this my Visual Rodeo Clown. It’s a spot on way of describing this little tic of mine.
  6. Sound Track Music. I always listen to music when I write. Instrumental scores from films are my go to. They help me to truly visualize a scene. It plays out in my head along with the music and is a great barometer. Is this emotional enough? Is it pacing well? I think a lot of authors do this too.
  7. Tea/Coffee. For obvious reasons. There’s always a mug of something close at hand. The caffeine gets me going on a slow day but it also feels good just to hold something in my hands sometimes when I’m thinking.
  8. Naps. Naps are the greatest invention ever. I love naps. I’m a housecat. I could happily take 3 or 4 twenty minute naps a day. Usually, I just get the one in, but it’s nice to drift off thinking about my characters. Sometimes I even come up with great ideas for them in my dreams.
  9. Working Out. This is the opposite of naps. Obviously. Don’t get me wrong, if I could get away with it, I would NEVER work out. I only work out so I don’t die. Still, as a writer, a person who works solo in a jewel box of a condo, working out is also a way for me to be active and talk to people that I don’t actually live with. We writers are a solitary lot so a good yoga or barre class helps me feel connected to the world.
  10. Hand Knitted Throw. I am always cold. I also love to be cozy. I have a couple throws I made myself that I constantly drape around me when I’m working or engaging in 4, 5 and 8 on this list. It also helps me remember that I’m a person who finishes things. No matter how big or heavy it may feel like, I get it done whether it be a blanket or a novel.


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So, do you have a similar list? If not for writing but for reading?

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