Top Ten Baddies of 2015

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rid the bookish world of all the baddies!  Eh, of course, the books that we love won’t be amazing if not for the most sinister BADDIES, right?  Today, I will be picking my top ten baddies from books I read this year.  I am mainly referencing young adult books because my historical romance books hardly have any really evil baddies.

Let me warn you though, there might be spoilers so proceed with caution.


One of my favorite baddies of all time (possibly) is the gorgeous, glamorous, EVIL Levana of Luna.  If you’ve read Fairest, you will know her evil intimately.


Gregor the evil undead is one baddie you would not want to face in a fair fight.  He is evil incarnate and will stop at nothing to possess YOU, half vampireling.


Don’t ask me what HARC means because right now, I haven’t the foggiest idea what it means.  BUT I can tell you that this is an oppressive government organization that enslaves teens and use them as the “police” to capture the “criminals.”  Can you be more evil that that?


This baddy is a 20 in a scale of creepy evil baddies.  I already have so much fear of this dude sight unseen.  Primary evil power?  He eats the light.  Yeah.  He does.  His minions: Old Mother Hunger (creepy evil witch-like being) and the forestborn who marks you and causes you to KILL within three days.  Evvvvvviiiiilllllll!

CODENAME Gen Holland

This awful baddie will stop at nothing to get what he wants: Mila.  The android who he plans to use as a super weapon.  Of course, he already killed the scientists who worked on Mila.


So, Commander Jameson ordered View Spoiler »  And also commands the Republic military.  I honestly can’t remember much specifics about her but I do remember that she is evil.

CODENAME M Blackwell

Murray Blackwell is the protagonists’ dad and I hated him!  Money is what is on his mind and I especially hated him in the next book Until the Beginning.  Definitely don’t want a dad like him!


Since the first book in this trilogy, it has been obvious that the villain of the series is Lilac’s father Roderick LaRoux.  Because I haven’t finished reading Their Fractured Light yet, I can’t say what will be the end BUT I can only suppose that he is an evil baddie for kidnapping “aliens” and abandoning development of a planet because he has a hidden agenda.


Another evil AI?  Of course, they are evil!  But this AI is a 15 in a scale of evil baddies PLUS has points for added creep factor because eeew. he has feelings for a human!  He View Spoiler » but I don’t know what he will be in the second installment of the series.


Although I didn;t relly like the Shatter Me series (the HORROR, I know) but I loved the villain Anderson.  Imagine. living two separate and different lives with children around the same age, too boot!


Which of these villans do you think are the ultimat baddies?  Did I miss anyone?  Share in the commends below.

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