Top 5 Wednesday: Non-Canon Ships I Wish Would Hook-Up

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OMG YES! I absolutely love this topic because this is where I can let my shipping/fan girly heart go wild! BECAUSE WHY NOT?

There have been a few times where I disagree with cannon ships and these are five examples where I wish (WISH!) the author didn’t follow cannon.

Unfortunately, I can only think of 4 non-canon OTPs right now and I am definitely NOT shipping Harry and Hermione!

SPOILER ALERT: Since I will be sharing non-cannon ships to movies/books that you may not have read or seen yet.


Jack frost Elsa by toritewa on DeviantArt

OMG! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I know that this will NEVER happen since Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians is from DreamWorks Animation and Queen Elsa from Frozen is from Walt Disney Pictures! This tragic ship already sank way before it began! But if you look really close, Jack and Elsa (Jelsa) are a perfect match! Heck, if you go on Pinterest or Tumbler, you would see awesome fan art celebrating these two!


The Captain and the Assassin by Merwild on DeviantArt

For fans of Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series, we all know that we ain’t shipping anyone because things are bound to change by the next book. No one was disappointed by this that me because I am shipping Chaol and Celaena! From the first, I was rooting for these two! Which is why Crown of Midnight was my favorite book because it was my CHAOL book. Although I can see why Maas went the route she did, I still can’t help but hope that Chaol and Celaena would end up together. But we all know that they never would.


Zutara by cynchick on DeviantArt

A couple of weeks ago, I met Michael Dante DiMartino, co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I HAD to tell him that I wish Zutara were a thing. BECAUSE WHY THE HECK NOT? Zuko and Katara’s chemistry was sizzling, most especially in Book 3! I know she ended up with Aang, but I think you will agree with me that Aang didn’t grow up until the last 3 episodes of Book 3, right? Anyway, ZUTARA should be a thing.


Bethyl Hug by happycookiieblog on DeviantArt

Everyone was absolutely devastated when Beth was killed off in season 5 of The Walking Dead. But we could still remember the amazing chemistry Daryl and Beth had in the episodes prior. I know I was one of those people who was shipping them and I was just absolutely amazed that they killed her off! #Bethyl4ever


Which non-canon couples in Fandom should be shipped together?

Do you agree with my list?

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5 responses to “Top 5 Wednesday: Non-Canon Ships I Wish Would Hook-Up

    • OMG YES!!! I am still HOPING that Chaol and Celaena will hook up… sigh* for some reason, I see Rowan as her uncle? LOL

      Jack Frost & Elsa = <3