Throwback Thursday Historical Romance Edition #30

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Throwback Thursday


Happy Thursday, everyone!  This week, I am feeling nostalgia about Kat Martin’s historical romance.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t write them anymore and I am really bummed about it!  The real reason for my disappointment in her not writing any more historicals is that her book Secret Ways was the first Historical Romance book that I read that wasn’t published under Harlequin.  This book was published on April 1st 2003.

secretNo one sets fire to the page like “New York Times” bestselling author Kat Martin, who takes readers into the opulent world of Regency-era England with novels that shimmer with passion and linger in the heart long after the last page is turned. Vermillion Lee Durant is well versed in the art of seduction and determined to remain loyal to the destiny she was born to fulfill. But to Captain Caleb Tanner, a British officer hunting a spy who has been leaking information to the French, she may be more than the flirtatious young woman she seems. Assigned to uncover the truth about Vermillion and her aunt, Caleb poses as a groom at the Durant racing stables — and fights an attraction to Vermillion that may cloud his judgment and threaten his heart.

Both captivated and annoyed by the handsome, arrogant groom, Vermillion vows to resist him — knowing she must choose allegiance to her family over the desires Caleb has awakened. But passion and truth cannot always be denied, even for two lovers who are masters at keeping secrets.



This is a story about trying to step out of the social class in Regency England.  Vermillion comes from a family of courtesans and tries desperately not to follow on her family’s footsteps.  She meets Caleb Tanner, a British Officer masquerading as a horse trainer in her stables and falls madly in love with him.  I really love this book.  It is well written and emotional.  I love the conflict between the heroine Vermillion: should she forsake her family’s heritage and in turn throw her aunt’s generosity and love to her face or should she follow her heart.  Another conflict is that Caleb is from a noble family, although he is a younger son, his father won’t allow marriage between the two.  The mystery surrounding the spy leaking information to the French is very well written, with a few scenes featuring this man seducing women peppered throughout the book.  I really encourage everyone who loves historical romance to read this book.

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  1. This sounds so good! I've never read a Kat Martin book, but I know many people enjoy her. I love when characters are forced to think about what they want and what other people want for them. Great choice!