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My Thoughts

Tease by Sophie Jordan is the second book in The Ivy Chronicles series (Foreplay #1, Wild #3) and is my favorite of the three.  The heroine in this book is Emerson, the tease/flirt/party girl who acts like she doesn’t have a care in the world.  However, she hides a deep dark secret that she has kept from her closest friends.

While at a biker bar, Emerson gets uber drunk and starts a brawl causing her so-called friends to abandon her.  She gets rescued by our hero, Shaw who also has a chip on his shoulder.  He is an ex-marine, come back from Afghanistan (or was it Iraq?) trying to forget about the cousin that died in the line of duty.

When our hero and heroine meet, Emerson gets labeled a cocktease and despite trying to suppress her attraction to Shaw, she cannot stay away.

This has become a favorite of all the three because I liked the darkness that Ms. Jordan added to the story.  The family issues that she added with blended families was done well although there were a few eyebrow-raising parts.

There are two things that I did not like about Tease, though.  First is Emerson.  Yes, she has scars but she was a little off-putting at first.  A female “rake” that rubbed me the wrong way.  Second is the cover.  I did not like the cover AT ALL!  Not to mention that I already read a book with the SAME COVER a couple of years ago.  Yes, recycling covers are good but this one was not done right.

Tease is steamy, a little bit cheesy and a unique college romance that will keep you wanting more.

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