Sexy, Sexy, Sexy! Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren [Audiobook Review]

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Sexy, Sexy, Sexy! Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren [Audiobook Review]Sweet Filthy Boy written by Christina Lauren
Publication Date: May 13th 2014
Series: Wild Season #1
Narrated by Shayna Thibodeaux
Length: 10 hrs and 11 mins
ISBN: 1442367466
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Flame Rating: four-flames
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One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him.

But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and just…play.

When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away.

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This is the second book written by duo writing team Christina Lauren that I read, and I was a bit skeptical. Sure, it felt a little too NA and I was pretty annoyed at the first quarter of the book – the Vegas part because it was just too stupid!

I mean, not stupid, STUPID but stupid because I know I would totally not do what these girls did. Also, because I am an introvert, I just CANNOT understand marrying a stranger like that.

That said, I can only say one word – WOW! I mean WOW I last half of the book sold me on this one and I absolutely adore Ansel. Okay, it may be because of his French accent and just PARIS but OMG!

The last book that I read featuring Paris was a dud. Yes, it was YA, and it was Anna and the French Kiss and the whole book practically happened in Paris but I did not get the feeling of BEING in Paris. This book though was AMAZING! When Mia explored Paris by herself by taking the train, wow, I felt that I was traveling to Paris WITH her. Sure, she went to the touristy sites, but there were also a few sites that were off the tourist trail that Ansel took her.

Let’s talk about the Romance

Wow, the romance was explosive! I thought Mia and Ansel had chemistry together and they did spend most of their relationship doing…things.

But all is not rainbows and roses

Ansel and Mia’s romance is unique because who goes to another country and stay married to a man you just met in Vegas, right? But I guess that is the spontaneity in their romance and I have to say that it was done really well.

Character development

I like Mia’s character arc and development throughout the book. I think the real reason why I liked the spontaneity of Mia’s decision (I’ll also call it a stupid decision) because she was really running away from her current reality. Mia’s family life is not the best and it is hinted that not only is her father very controlling, he also emotionally abuses Mia and her mother. Although this is not really expanded in the book, there is enough to understand why Mia left.

Like young adults who recently graduated college, I understand that it does take time to officially be an adult and I think this book did a good job of showing it. I especially liked what Mia did to face her fears and take back her destiny.

It all comes together in the end

Ansel and Mia’s HEA was very satisfying. That scene with Ansel at the dance studio? ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

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Overall: 5


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About Christina Lauren

Author Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long-time writing partners/besties/soulmates/brain-twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings.

The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction, and together has produced fourteen New York Times bestselling novels. Their books have been translated into 31+ languages. (Some of these books have kissing. Some of these books have A LOT of kissing.)

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