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So, I’ve been pretty lazy these days.  It’s practically mid-month with the 14th looming in the horizon and I have barely finished The Importance of Being Wicked.  Okay, blame it on the fact that I have been exhausted from work and the Boss (hubby) and I have been gallivanting to god knows where.  I know, excuses smexcuses but that’s that.
One good thing that came out within the last couple of weeks was the fact that I recently rediscovered the public library system!  For the last couple of years, I have let my library card gather dust so I finally took some time to renew it.  Lo and behold, they offer ebooks and audiobooks!  Ecstatic much?  Yes, yes I am!  This means that I do not have to drive to the local branch and just borrow from home.  The downside to this is, yes you guessed it, I still have to be in queue!  WTH!  Apparently, I was under the impression the since it is an ebook, multiple peeps can borrow it at the same time.  What does this mean?  It means that I still have to place the book on hold and wait.  So yeah, two books on my February TBR are still on hold and I’m probably on the bottom of the list.  *sigh*
On a good note, my foray into audiobook reading is pretty good.  I have been listening to 1984 on my way to and from work.  Sure, my mind does wander a bit while listening but I’ve pretty much gotten the gist of the whole thing.  I’m about mid-book and at this moment, Winston and Julia have just been recruited to join the Brotherhood, the group out to overthrow Big Brother.  I may have to watch the movie based on this book but I’ll leave that at a later time.  If only there were 48 hours in a day.
What have I learned these past few weeks?  One: never add a book not yet obtained to the TBR list.  Two: do not swerve from the path and read a book not in your TBR list.  Three: disregard all learnings in the past week and just read whatever strikes your fancy.
Happy reading!

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