Social Media Platforms that I Use

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Social Media Platforms that I Use

Let’s talk about anything bookish!


Let’s talk about Social Media platforms! Thank you to Renee @ Renne’s Bookcase for this topic! I never really thought about discussing this topic because I am actually not active in all the popular platforms! However, I have tried a few of them!

But let’s talk about which ones I use on a daily basis – or at least, regularly. This means that I am active on that platform and I actually enjoy using it.



I’ve been using WordPress since 2008 and I have always been using it! I’ve been blogging since the early 2000s (non-bookish) and I was using Blogger. When I started using WordPress and managed my blog myself, I did not look back.

I started I Heart Romance & YA in 2012 and I have enjoyed the interactions and friends I made through this blog! I mean, I am still blogging in 2019! While I have times of where I don’t blog as much, I still enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts.



The other social media platform I use is Goodreads! If you are a reader, I’m sure you are very familiar with this platform. I started using GR around the time I started I Heart Romance & YA but I have been using the platform since 2010.

Follow me on Goodreads

I mainly use GR for tracking the books that I am reading, how many times I read the book (this was the best thing GR ever invented, yo!), if the book is part of a series and the suggested books! I have followed a few people on GR, but I don’t really keep track of all the status updates there. I also don’t participate in the groups (initially I did) and I comment on reviews very rarely. In fact, I don’t really get a lot of interaction on my GR page.


Follow me on Instagram

I think one of my favorite social media platforms is Instagram because mixes graphics with your reviews and book recommendations! I am a very graphic person and I love the fact that everyone is showcasing their creativity on their own feeds and sharing books that they love!

In fact, this is my favorite platform for interacting and commenting! I actually found my peeps on this platform! In the last year or so, I stumbled upon this amazing romance community on IG and I can’t believe how amazing that community is! I got a lot of recs and made a lot of friends!

If you aren’t on IG, this is a great time to join and share your book recommendations. I follow the #romancetakeover and #romancestagram hashtag for all the romance recs!


Social Media Platforms that I Hardly Use

Now, let’s talk about the platforms that I hardly use! I’ve used a few of these platforms at one time but I’m currently not active on there.


The other social media platform that I use mostly for lurking and getting romance related news is Twitter. While I don’t tweet or interact a lot on this platform, this is where I get a lot of author, book, or romance related news (read drama). I regularly check and lurk on Twitter, but I don’t interact there a lot. I know a lot of people love to tweet, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I tried to be active there at one point, but I just couldn’t keep up!

However, all my posts in my other social media accounts post to Twitter!



I have a Facebook account which I use mostly to keep in contact with my family and friends. I hardly post any bookish related things there, but this blog does have its own Facebook page.

Unfortunately, I am not active on there but have both my blog and bookstagram account post there. I don’t interact with other readers on that page.

The one thing that I use Facebook for regularly is Facebook groups! I am a member of a few author and romance groups there and I am fairly active there. This is an awesome way to get to know the authors or get other recs, but I am also not very active and typically lurk around the groups I joined.


Did you know that I used to have a YouTube channel? In 2018, I started a Youtube channel and discovered early on that it was so hard to do! I mean, it takes a lot of time! As you know, English is not my first language and it’s hard for me to freestyle and ad lib as much as I want to, so I basically have to write all the things that I want to say and then ad lib. Plus, I had to edit all the videos, add the photos or book covers on the side when I am talking about that book – too much work! Also, I had to dress up and at least put on mascara so I don’t look pale on YT!

My now defunct Youtube channel, I Heart Romance


You can still see a few of the videos that I have and tell me what you think! I was really encouraged by the comments and the community was very welcoming when I started on YT, but it just too much time to set-up, prep, and upload.

I also noticed that there are a lot more YA booktube channels as compared to romance booktube channels, so my YT channel was supposed to be a romance only channel.

Unfortunately, juggling real life, bookstagram and blogging was too much for me to addon a Youtube channel. I still love doing short videos though, so I post a few on Instagram.


Which social media platforms do you use?

Where are you most active?


Do you have any bookish discussion suggestions? Please submit them here!

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6 responses to “Social Media Platforms that I Use

    • Haha same! I do blog in my PJs all the time! Or blog first thing in the AM when I just rolled out of bed! LOL

  1. I find it really interesting how the social media platforms I use change over time! I used to use Goodreads ALL THE TIME but now I mostly use it to keep track of my TBR and to track my reading. I also used to watch a lot more Booktube, but I don’t seem to have as much time to watch it anymore. My big two at the moment are probably WordPress and Instagram. I’m on both daily and I definitely interact with people on both platforms!
    Malka @ Paper Procrastinators recently posted…Why I Care About StatsMy Profile

    • Same! It really is awesome how everyone has different social media preferences! I do stalk Twitter for books news and IRL news as it seems to be where everything is announced! LOL

  2. Hey friend…how are you doing? There are pros and cons to using social media and happy to see what you use on a regular basis. Goodreads is fabulous especially if you just want to interact with romance readers. Instagram is another favorite. I personally use Twitter (I use this the most honestly) and I like the romance reading groups on Facebook (but that is about it as far as FB is concerned though)
    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Featured Podcast: The Awakened SoulMy Profile

    • Hi Renee! I’m doing so-so. Not really in the mood for blogging and blog hopping as much as I did before. I do well with Instagram tho! I mostly use GR now for keeping track of my books, not interacting as much anymore 🙁 I feel like I just don’t know how to use Twitter! haha I basically use it to stalk for news!