Series Binge Reads: The Night Prince Novels

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Series we love to binge

The Night Prince Novels
by Jeaniene Frost

Happy Sunday, Wormies! Welcome to my newest feature, Series Binge Reads where I share book reviews that I binge read. This won’t be a weekly thing because I hardly binge read!

Anyway, because this is the Halloween season, I decided to read Once Burned, book 1 in the Night Prince Novels. This came right after I read Outtakes from the Grave, an anthology of deleted and alternate scenes from the Night Huntress Novels (OMG!!!!) and Vlad made a short cameo. So, I decided to read the first 3 books of the series! I read all 3 in two days if you would believe that! It really helped that I listened to the audiobook. Plus, Tavia Gilbert IS FREAKING AMAZING narrator!


This series is about Vlad Tepes, famously known as the vampire Dracula (hehe) and Leila, a mortal who was struck by lightning years ago which resulted in powers that she is trying hard suppress. Kidnapped by a group of vampires, she is forced to locate a vampire telepathically. This is how Leila and Vlad meet.

This is a paranormal romance and I absolutely love how Leila and Vlad’s relationship develop. I love the depiction of normal fights between couples, jealousies, and just plain stubbornness.

Although Vlad finally succumbs to love, I thoroughly enjoyed how he finally falls! I mean, who doesn’t want to tame the Show Hound, eh? There is also that one bit at the end of the third book that really cracked me up!



But I digress, I want to talk more about why this series is BINGE WORTHY! The first three books have one main villain who is really evil. The three books really blend well together that even if each book does have an ending, you can seem to stop reading all the books. Also, View Spoiler »

Another thing that I loved about this series is that we get to see ALL THE OTHER characters in the other series (CAT AND BONES OMG!) Some play bigger roles than others, but it is just so awesome to see them. Obviously, they are from the Nigh Huntress world.

ihrya-series-recommendationNight Huntress Novels

This is the series that started it all! I absolutely fell in love with Cat and Bones! Join them in their adventures by reading these 7 books AND there are also a few novellas (book covers not featured). Plus, we also get to meet the other characters from the different series!

Night Huntress World

This series only has two books but they are about 2 different couples! My favorite is definitely Denise and Spade.

These books intertwine with each other and actually spoil each other so it is best to read them in order of publication.



Have you read the Night Prince novels?

What to you think about this Vlad the Impaler retelling? Yay or Nay?

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