September was a Month of Unplugging! September 2017 Monthly Wraps

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Last month’s deets on I Heart Romance & YA


Happy new month, Bookworms! I had a pretty productive September! Not only was I busy at work, I also read quite a bit. Oh, and I have met 2 of my challenge goals! Yup! I have completed the Historical Romance Reading Challenge and the 2017 Discussion Challenge! Isn’t that amazing?! I have also read 96 books so far, which means that I am really close to my 100 book reading goal!

I have also been rereading a lot of my favorites for the last couple of months. It has been a while since I read some of these books and I am quite delighted that I still enjoy them as much as when I first read them.

I also avoided blogging for most of September. Which was pretty good. I have been reading more, as a result.

September was also Pierre’s birthday month and we spent a weekend in Vegas. We also saw Love for the second time but I thought it was not as good as the first time we saw it.





I listened to The Duchess Deal on audio and it was the perfect format IMO.


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  2. [15 Sep] Third Son's a Charm by Shana Galen
  3. [29 Sep] Perfect Love by Amanda Cowen

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Pierre and I saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle and we were a little underwhelmed. I guess it’s because we already saw Kingsman: The Secret Service a couple of years ago, and that blew our minds because it was so new. There were still funny bits, though.

Project Runway is back! And although I can’t design or sew to save my life (okay, I can mend stuff), I absolutely ADORE this show!

Have you ever tried “unplugging” for a few days? How did it feel?

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18 responses to “September was a Month of Unplugging! September 2017 Monthly Wraps

  1. danielle hammelef

    I keep thinking about your trip to Vegas. Yikes! I am still in a state of disbelief at how anyone can do something so horrible. I’m thankful you were not in Vegas at the same time. On a lighter note–we watched Project Runway last year a lot and I can’t sew either, but the ideas and implementation of them that these designers have is amazing to watch in action.

    • It’s my guilty pleasure…among other TV shows…

      Vegas is devastating. Especially now with all the news coming out.. 🙁

    • Thanks, Sophie! I am rereading TLC and I DO LOVE IT SO MUCH! 😀 Hope you do something like this on your blog, as well!

    • thanks, Aj! I haven’t been having a lot of mojo to blog the last few months and I think in September was the month where I really unplugged for most of the month

    • It has happened. Especially the Old School Romance that I read when I was in high school. But I think it is just that they did not age well. For the newer ones that I have reread, it hasn’t ruined me yet. I have been rereading a lot this year, which is fun actually. I discovered a lot of stuff when I reread…

  2. My September was not very productive but that’s okay, I plan to make up for that this month. I loooove rereading old favorites. I have this bad habit of just wanting to reread old books this past year when I have so many other new books I should probably reading instead. Unfortunately I am a mood reader so that means most of the time those new books are being ignored… for now. Happy October!

    • YES! Me too, Nereyda! I am a mood reader and for the past couple of months, I have been rereading my faves… It is comforting, actually!

      Hope this month will be more productive for you!

  3. I LOVED The Sea King and I know you will too!!

    And you read some great books here. I really enjoyed The Duchess Deal, even though there were quite a few contemporary tones to it, for some reason it worked for me.

    So many good books you read too. I love Lady Sophia’s Lover—Ross was great, and the grandfather was hilarious.
    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Book Review-The Sea King by C.L. WilsonMy Profile

    • Gaahhh I can’t wait to read The Sea King! I have been holding off on it because I have not been in the mood to, but I have a long weekend this week, so hopefully, I will be able to read it then!

  4. Congratulations on your challenges. I feel like it’s been easy to complete my challenges, because I have been lucky enough to get so many great books. Vegas is somewhere I would like to visit. I am not a gambler, but there is so much to look at, and I love shows. Project Runway has been incredible this season. I am most impressed with them using models of different sizes. *applause, applause*
    Sam@WLABB recently posted…Sundays with Sam – The Sunday PostMy Profile

    • YES! Absolutely! Also… I wrote this post before the Sunday night Vegas shooting and it really hit home for me because my husband and I love to go to music festivals… and I was in Vegas the week before 🙁