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I am currently reading Sabrina Jeffries’ backlist.  I believe I started reading some of her backlist last year, but I wasn’t able to read any book from the Swanlea Spinster Series.  This book can be read as a stand alone however, there are mentions of the other sisters.  Unfortunately, this story picks up after Juliet gets abducted (hence the title After the Abduction, duh!) so we never get to read about how she was abducted but we do get an answer as to why.
As I have mentioned, the story starts about 2 years after Juliet Laverick gets abducted by Morgan Pryce.  Juliet, her brother-in-law Griff Knighton, and sister Rosalind (A Dangerous Love) are off to confront Morgan Pryce’s brother Lord Templemore and demand to know where Morgan is so they can stop the rumors circulating around the ton that Juliet eloped with Morgan but was returned to her family, ruined.  Who were they to see at Charnwood (Lord Templemore’s estate) but Morgan himself!  Apparently, Sebastian, Lord Templemore was masquerading as Morgan and was, in fact, the one who kidnapped Juliet!  Of course, Sebastian did not admit to it when Juliet recognized him.  So starts the sizzling cat-mouse game Juliet and Sebastian play as she tries to catch Sebastian in the act and make him admit that he is the one who abducted her.  When Sebastian admits to her and not to her family, Juliet leaves him and goes back to London.  Sebastian follows and proposes marriage again.  The book ends with Juliet and Sebastian marrying, Morgan returning to England, and Rosalind giving birth to a baby.
After the Abduction is a really great read.  Not one of the best by Ms. Jeffries but a great read.  Without reading A Notorious Love, which was the book where Juliet was abducted, I was able to follow the story.  I loved the tricks Juliet pulled to try to make Sebastian admit that he was Morgan, that he was the  one she fell in love with all those years ago.  Their banter was electric and I thought that they were perfect for each other.  Another thing that I loved about the story was when Juliet demanded that Sebastian come clean with her family about the abduction.  I thought this was realistic and fit with Juliet’s family values.  This was also a great way for Sebastian to redeem himself and prove his love to her.
What I do not like about this story was not Juliet but Rosalind.  I thought she was irritating and just did not anything to the story.  I wanted to skip through all the parts where she was acting irritatingly crazy because she wasn’t able to conceive.  I haven’t read the first book and now, I am debating whether I will  read it.


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