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Malia @ Romance Shmomance

Featuring our favorite romance book bloggers!


Happy Wednesday, Wormies! Welcome to another Read a Romance Blog feature! Today, we’re featuring Malia @ Romance Schmomance!

Read a Romance Blog series is a feature on this blog showcasing book bloggers that primarily review romance.


About the Romance BloggeR

Malia @ Romance Shmomance

My goodness, I hate doing the ‘about me’ section for anything! I’m Malia, a romance reader and book blogger. Or as I like to put it, simply just a wanderer desperately seeking happily ever afters. My days are filled with being a stay-at-home mom to my toddler and furry child. With the mister in the military, we’re constantly on the move and going on all sorts of adventures! There’s never a quiet moment in our lives, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ezrah: I quite envy your constant moving! It’s an awesome way to see the world!


My Blog

Romance Shmomance


Where You Can Find Me

Twitter Instagram

First Romance Book I Read

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I want to say it was the Twilight series and that was during my sophomore/junior year of college. A girl that I worked alongside with was from Forks, Washington and being a Washingtonian myself, I was intrigued and devoured the series. I go and forth back on what started it all for me, but I’m pretty sure it was this series.

Ezrah: OMG! Forks has an interesting Twilight event with the whole town participating! Apparently the Twilight franchise saved the town! It was Screen Junkies on YouTube that did a video on it.


Favorite Romance Genre/s

Paranormal/fantasy and contemporary

Ezrah: I do love all of the above!


Favorite Romance Trope/s

  • Second Chance
  • Enemies-to-lovers

Ezrah: Second chance romance is my top fave genre followed by enemies-to-lovers!


Top Auto-buy Authors

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout Author Juliette Cross Author Mariana Zapata Author Devney Perry Author Annie Rose Welch
Jennifer L. Armentrout Juliette Cross Mariana Zapata Devney Perry Annie Rose Welch

Ezrah: I’ve read all of these authors except for Annie Rose Welch! I’ll definitely check her out!


Top Romance Books You Highly Recommend

Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan, On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves, Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Ezrah: Long Shot killed me and I’m picking Hopeless as my first Colleen Hoover book!


Top 3-5 Romance Series You Recommend

  • Royally series by Emma Chase (4.5 books and Royally Yours was my favorite)
  • Grip Series by Kennedy Ryan ( 3 books in the series, ALL are my fave!)
  • Him series by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Ezrah: I still haven’t read Emma Chase’s Royally series and Sarina & Elle’s Him series! The Grip series was AMAZING! I love me some Gripstol!


Favorite Thing About the Romance Community

Just the genuine conversations I have with everyone in this community, my DMs are always open, everyone 😉

Ezrah: I can attest to Malia’s open DMs! I’ve also had genuine convos with other romance readers and its’s glorious!


Romance Myth that You Hate

Aren’t they all the same?” It makes me ragey, only someone that doesn’t read romance would ask that.
This was fun, thank you!!!

Ezrah: It’s very similar to “formulaic” because all the other genres aren’t. *sarcasm* This also drives me crazy!

It was fun having you here, Malia! Thank YOU!


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3 responses to “Read a Romance Blog: Romance Shmomance

  1. Another blog for me to follow, lovely! I also hate hearing “they’re all so similar”. Ugh. Literally every other genre is encompassed inside romance and we still can’t catch a break! LOL