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Odette @ Romance Book Junkie

Featuring our favorite romance book bloggers!


Happy Wednesday, Wormies! Welcome to another Read a Romance Blog feature! Today, we’re featuring Odette @ Romance Book Junkie!

Read a Romance Blog series is a feature on this blog showcasing book bloggers that primarily review romance.


About the Romance Blogger

My name is Odette and I live in Australia. Reading (and reading romance specifically) is my escape from my everyday life. I’m forever chasing that HEA in what I read because my attempts in the real world all end in disaster (and when I say disaster I could write a book on how many bad dates I’ve had. But you know what? I do get hilarious stories from each and every one of them which my friends live vicariously through. To give you a little taste… I once went on a date where my date drove over and killed a seagull…. but it’s ok because he went and picked it up and put it in the bin AND DIDN’T WASH HIS HANDS. Ok, surely no one else wants to hear more. Suffice it to say that sticking to my romance books is so much easier 🙂

Ezrah: Odette! You really need to spill the deets on your bad dates! And YES, DO WRITE A BOOK!


My Instagram


Where You Can Find Me

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First Romance Book I Read

I discovered my love of romance at the ripe old age of 18 when I first read a Nora Roberts book. Can I just say I was absolutely captivated- so captivated I proceeded to read 30 of her books and since then I haven’t been able to pick one up since.

Ezrah: I confess that I haven’t read a Nora Roberts book yet! She is on my TBR, too!


Favorite Romance Genre/s

Paranormal romance, fantasy romance, and historical romance – I love the world-building that is involved in creating these stories!

Ezrah: I am slowly getting into paranormal romance and fantasy romance!


Favorite Romance Trope/s

Marriage of convenience and arranged marriages

Ezrah: I love those tropes, too! I’ve also started to like reading fauxmance or fake relationships!


Top Auto-buy Authors

Author JR Ward Author Kresley Cole Author Rebecca Zanetti
JR Ward Kresley Cole Gena Showalter Lisa Kleypas Rebecca Zanetti

Ezrah: I can’t believe that I’ve read all the authors on your list! This is a first!


Top Romance Books You Highly Recommend


Kiss An Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips | Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas | Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley


Ezrah: I LOVE Kiss An Angel so much! This book broke me! Suddenly You is also an amazing read! And I added Wildest Dreams to my TBR! It sounds like a really unique plot! It’s also part of Audible Escape!


Top Romance Series You Recommend

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole | Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas | Marked by Rebecca Zanetti | It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

  • Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole (paranormal romance, currently at 18 books, and DON’T ASK ME TO PICK A FAVOURITE)
  • Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas (historical romance, 5 books and Tempt Me At Twilight is my favourite)
  • Dark Protectors by Rebecca Zanetti (currently at 11, paranormal romance, Marked is my favourite)
  • Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (the original sports romance series, 8 books, favourite is It Had To Be You)

Ezrah: The only book I haven’t read on your series fave is Marked!


Favorite Quote from a Romance Book

So I don’t actually have a favourite quote….. I’m not one of these people to tab a book (because it reminds me too much of high school) so I tend to just read in the zone.

Ezrah: SAME! I always have to check Goodreads to look for bookish quotes! There are only 2 quotes that I wrote down/highlighted ever!


Favorite Thing About the Romance Community

That for the first time I feel like I belong! It’s so hard when you have both family and friends who make fun of your reading preferences or flippantly call it “porn” but now I’ve discovered this whole supportive community where I can talk about my biggest hobby – and the thing that takes up the most of my time other than work – romance books.

This community is incredible – I’ve been able to make friends all over the world and be able to talk not only romance books but everything!

Ezrah: I absolutely agree! The community is very incredible! I really love that I have “met” other romance readers like me! I love that we have a safe space to gush about all the romance novels!


Romance Myth that You Hate

That romance books are 99% sex scenes…. doesn’t anyone think that even that is too much? Gah more than 5 sex scenes in a book and I’m ready to call it a day normally. Romance books are about so much more than sex – they are a story of two people who happen to fall in love (whole life happens) and yeah sometimes they have sex.


Ezrah: I absolutely agree! While I love erotic romance, I’m not a fan of erotica where it’s all sex and no romance/relationship development.


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2 responses to “Read a Romance Blog: Romance Book Junkie

  1. First, hi Odette! And second…I have so many questions about the seagull-killing germ factory. SO MANY. I would read your book about bad dates, read it and recommend it in a heartbeat.
    And yes, I love that feeling of belonging. Of being able to recommend an alien romance or say “HEA” and have everyone not only know what I’m talking about but read with interest and ask questions. It’s…just lovely. The most lovely feeling.