Read a Romance Blog: Bookish Creation

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Read a Romance Blog: Bookish Creation

Featuring our favorite romance book bloggers!


Happy Wednesday, Wormies! Welcome to another Read a Romance Blog feature! Today, we’re featuring A @ Bookish Creation!

Read a Romance Blog series is a feature on this blog showcasing book bloggers that primarily review romance.


About the Romance Blogger

Tell everyone some things about myself… hum, lol that can be a bit difficult topic for me to come up with, but one of the most important things about myself is that I am a very happy wife and fur momma to one Siberian Husky and two house cats. My mom also lives close to me, so I get to see her a lot, and I have the absolute best friend I could have ever asked for who just happens to also own a book blog. Like most people around the world, my family means more to me than anything else, and I feel unbelievably blessed each and every day to have them in my life.

Beyond family affection, the thing I value the most in life really is love. With the many different forms it can take, I find it to be the strongest source of happiness we have in this world. I also see it as the strongest entity there is. With that in mind, it only makes sense that I wound up following the path covered in flowers and hearts right? Lol, I started my romance book blog as a way to share my love for the romance genre as well as to find friends in the awesome book blogging community and have zero regrets. I also started a podcast that I have been slowly working on. 😉

A lesser-known fact about me in the blogging community is that I am also a writer. I actually have a creative writing degree and am even working on my first romance novel right now. My true passion really is in writing and getting the stories that these characters scream in my head out into the world. In the interest of getting my own words to print, I have recently cut back on my blogging, even though that does break my heart, but I am loving the story I am currently working on.

I also love to play video games. Yes, I am a complete nerd and proud of it. The type of games I enjoy are more of the creative kind, so The Sims and Planet Zoo are some examples of go-to games for me. I am actually thinking of adding a gaming section into my blog as well to share in my delight for creating things in the virtual world as well.

My Blog

Bookish Creation


Where You Can Find Me

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First Romance Book I Read

Hum, interesting question that really has two answers from me. The first book I picked up that was a romance was Circus Of The Darned by Katie Maxwell. Before anyone goes and looks that one up, this isn’t an actual adult romance, its a YA romance. While I know YA romance and adult romance are separate genres, I still see YA romance as a form of romance, even if it’s an introduction into the romance world, it still counts in my book.

The first adult romance I ever read was Dark Demon by Christine Feehan. This book drew me in and made me never want to leave. Fourteen years later and I have no regrets, and I still hold Dark Demon as an all-time favorite. I was in my last year of high school when I read Dark Demon, and even got caught reading it in class, I didn’t get into trouble for it though. 😉

Ezrah: Oh, I used to read a lot of YA! There are a lot of YA contemporary romances that are really good!


Favorite Romance Genre/s

My favorite romance Genres are paranormal, sci-fi, dark, and MC. For the paranormal romance I really enjoy demon, shifter, and vampire romances, give me those teeth and claws then turn up the heat. I do not mind any mix of paranormal and human when it comes to the couples. It can be two demons, a demon, and mermaid, or any combo really so long as the world-building is good. However, I do tend to shy away from the shifter books that read more along the lines of only, or mainly, wanting to breed the heroine. To me, when the story focuses on the hero only wanting kids as a goal and falling in love just accidentally happens, it really puts the hero in a bad light that just throws me out of the story.

In the sci-fi realm, I love it all. From cyborgs to aliens, I’ll devour it. I think my favorite trope in the sci-fi world would be the aliens coming to earth to earth in a peaceful manner and many wind up falling for the women who live here. I also love a good dark sci-fi romance where the women are abducted in some way. I think the main thing I love to see if all the high technology that authors come up within these kinds of books. I also love seeing the different ways in which the different species live and how that winds up causing complications in their relationships with their chosen human mates.

I do love a good dark romance. Captured and forced relationships are my absolute favorite when it comes to this genre. There is something so deep about seeing that kind of love play out on the page. I honestly think that this kind of romance takes a lot of talent to pull off correctly with it still being about love and romance rather than Stockholm syndrome. I will say I do not enjoy it when the heroine is actually beaten by the hero. Kinky in the sheets is one thing, but hitting or punching her because she made him angry is a hard no form me, the book will get put down right away if that kind of thing enters the picture.

 Ezrah: I am slowly getting into Alien and Cyborg Romance!


Favorite Romance Trope/s

Alpha male all the way lol. I really love it when the hero is dominant. I also love it when the heroine fights this a bit. I also adore fated mates tropes.

When it comes to dark romance, kidnaped or a forced relationship trope is my go-to, but I adore it when the heroine is loved so completely by the hero that the love just pours off the page to a melt your heart point too.


Top Auto-buy Authors

Author: Christine Feehan Author: Evangeline Anderson Author: Anna Zaires Author: Cynthia Eden Author: Gena Showalter
Christine Feehan Evangeline Anderson Anna Zaires Cynthia Eden Gena Showalter


Top Romance Books You Highly Recommend

The books I highly recommend would be Dark Legacy by Christine Feehan, Sought by Evangeline Anderson, Never Cry Wolf by Cynthia Eden, To Enthrall The Demon Lord by Nadine Mutas, and if you are not triggered by dark romance than Tormentor Mine by Anna Zaires.

Ezrah: I don’t read a lot of Dark Romance, but I am willing to read anything!


Top Romance Series You Recommend

My top three favorite romance series? Ok, that’s a hard one. The Tormentor Mine series by Anna Zaires is an all-time favorite series. There are four books in the series, and my favorite book from that series is Obsession Mine, book 2.

Another favorite is the Dark Series from Christine Feehan. The Dark Series has 33 books in it, and choosing my favorite from it is next to impossible lol, but a close favorite would be Dark Legacy, book 31.

And I love the Brides of the Kindred series by Evangeline Anderson. I adore book 3 in this series, Sought.

Ezrah: I have read book 1 in the Brides of the Kindred series.


Favorite Quote from a Romance Book

A favorite quote? LOL I love including quotes from each book I read in my reviews, so this answer took me a long time to think of. I do not have a favorite, but this is one that has stuck with me.

“I’ll never be rough with you,” Dark promised softly. You need to be healed and made whole—not hurt anymore.”

Deceived by Evangeline Anderson, Brides of the Kindred series, book 24

Ezrah: I always forget to highlight my favorite quotes or passages in the books I read!


Favorite Thing About the Romance Community

I love how close the romance community is. The genre can catch some serious genre hate, but the community is really open and loving while still being protective of each other. It’s like we are all a big family.


Romance Myth that You Hate

I hate the thought that romance is just porn. Yes, most all romance has sex in it, and some times it’s lots of sex, but let’s look at the situation as adults and realize that sex in a romantic relationship is realistic. To me, saying romance is just porn is exactly like saying horror is just gore. Sex is only a very small part of a romance novel and it truly breaks my heart to think some people might be mission out on such amazing stories due to this myth.

Ezrah: It’s the people who don’t read romance that always talk about romance as porn. I’ve learned not to listen to them.


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