Oh, the Nostalgia! Once Upon a Real Good Time by Lauren Blakely [ARC Review + Excerpt]

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Oh, the Nostalgia! Once Upon a Real Good Time by Lauren Blakely [ARC Review + Excerpt]

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Oh, the Nostalgia! Once Upon a Real Good Time by Lauren Blakely [ARC Review + Excerpt]Once Upon A Real Good Time written by Lauren Blakely
Publisher Lauren Blakely Books
Publication Date: September 10, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Series: Heartbreakers, #1
Format: eARC
ISBN: 1720315027
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
Flame Rating: three-flames
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That smoking hot one-night stand with a former rock star?

Turns out he's my son's new teacher. Oops.

But I didn't know that the night I met Campbell. All I knew was he played my body the same way he played a guitar — like he owned it.

My libido is still high-fiving me after being self-served for too many years, and we’re both ready for another night or two of fun, especially since we don’t just have chemistry in bed — we connect over everything.

That is, until I learn he’s the man who’ll be coming to my house twice a week to teach my son — the best music lessons money can buy.

Time to turn down the volume on our shenanigans. Only that’s easier said than done.


I can rock a guitar solo in front of thousands, I can write chart-topping tunes, and I can absolutely stop thinking about my student’s mother naked.

After all, I’m a single parent too, and I know what it’s like to put your kid first. That’s what I do every damn day.

Trouble is, now that I’ve had Mackenzie, it’s hard — and I do mean hard — to stop wanting her. Harder too when I get to know her, and learn she’s an awesome mom, a great friend, and, oh yeah, she happens to get along perfectly with my daughter.

All we have to do is set some rules. No dating, no nookie when the kids are around, and no one gets hurt.

It’s all working out beautifully. Until we start breaking the rules, one by one.

Making music with her in the bedroom is easy. But will we be more than just a real good time when the music stops?

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She nibbles on the corner of her lips. “My friend Roxy thinks I should—”

“—let yourself have a good time for one more night?”

“How did you know?”

“She seemed like a good wingwoman.” I reach for a strand of her hair, running my finger across the soft locks, cataloging her reaction. “Want to know what I’m thinking?”

She nods.

I flash her a wicked grin. “I’m wondering if you want to be kissed by someone who’s been wanting to kiss you all night long.”

A flash of hesitation crosses her face, then she raises her eyes as if she’s thinking.

“I do,” she whispers, and the few seconds of reticence make her answer even sweeter.

I thread a hand through her hair. I’m going to take my time working up to a kiss, to make sure she wants it desperately. “I’ve been thinking about running my hands through this hair.”

“You have nice fingers…”

“Were you watching my hands when I was on stage?”

Her voice is soft and feathery, a quiet little confession. “Yes. I like the way you play.”

“What did you like about it?” I curl my hand tighter around her head. I swear, heat is radiating off her body, and it’s so damn enticing. “Did it make you think of anything?”

She nibbles on the corner of her lips. “Made me thing about how you might play…me.”

A groan works its way up my chest. She is an alluring mix of daring lioness and clumsy puppy. I yank her flush to me, bringing her mouth mere inches away from mine. “I’d like to play your body like a guitar. I’d like to make you sing, make you cry out in pleasure.” I run both hands through her soft hair, tugging her head back.

She gasps, and that’s my cue to lick a path up her neck, where I nibble on her jaw till she’s squirming against me. “Did you think about how I might kiss you when you watched me play?”

A sexy little sigh seems to escape her lips, followed by a yes.

“I noticed you the other week. At your booth, doing your quiz. Couldn’t stop looking at you. You were so sexy and adorable, and now you’re so damn close to me all I want is to turn you on.”

She parts her lips, and there’s no more need to tell her what I want to do. It’s time to show her.


My Thoughts

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Once Upon A Real Good Time was a surprise! I did not expect it to be very enjoyable and a quick read! This book also had a lot of nostalgia because it reminded me of a band of brothers from my teens who aren’t in the spotlight anymore!

Campbell and Mackenzie’s romance snuck up on me. I really liked how their relationship developed. It was very adult and responsible and since both of them are single parents, I loved that they put their kids first.

That said, the only problem I had with Once Upon a Real Good Time is that it lacked conflict. I feel that the conflict was solved really quick and even though it had a “Parent Trap” feel to it, it just felt a little bit rushed. I wanted there to be more conflict, maybe even more drama?

Overall, I am excited to read the full trilogy! The second brother appears in this book quite often and I can’t wait for his story! Lauren Blakely clearly has her stamp of emotional and sweet romance down pat! She is definitely one of my go-to authors!

Rating Report
One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Overall: 3.5


Once Upon a Real Good Time Skinny Review


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A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 90 times, and she’s sold more than 2.5 million books.

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6 responses to “Oh, the Nostalgia! Once Upon a Real Good Time by Lauren Blakely [ARC Review + Excerpt]

  1. This is a lovely review. I really like how you have this set up. I am always really hesitant with romance that has kids already in the mix. I like kids in my romance stories, but I have read a lot of books that don’t handle the extra challenge of kids well and it winds up messing with the overall storyline for me. By the sound of your review they handle the kids very well, but other than the challenge of the kids I ddidn’t really see any other conflict. I am not sure if this will be a book I start with the author on, but I am going to look into one of her other books. Thanks for such a fantastic review.
    Bookish Creation recently posted…The Soul Of A Warrior by Denna Holm Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Yes, definitely not something you should start with. I highly recommend Wanderlust as a start because it is AMAZING!

      I also agree that kids in romance sometimes sound like they are older for their age. The children in this book were really great!

    • I have to agree with you, Renee! Her book Wanderlust was rich and full and all the amazing things! These newest ones that I read lack a lot of character development 🙁

  2. Ooh, great review. Sometimes lack of conflict isn’t a big deal to me if the characters are great on their own. This sounds like a cute, quick read and sometimes I’m in the mood for that and that excerpt was great. Thanks for the post, Zee!