Busy Fall with Maybe Slow Reading and New-To-Me Authors | November 2018 Monthly Wraps

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Busy Fall with Maybe Slow Reading and New-To-Me Authors

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Happy new month, Wormies! You may have noticed that I haven’t been as active on the blog for a few weeks now because I had a busy work month! I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona last week, and also a few projects at work were occupying my time. This kinda resulted in less reading time at home – and this is even with the Thanksgiving holiday! Baaaah

I will have a couple of weeks off in December so I am super excited to just read and read and read. I have a few plans for next year that I will share in my next year in review post and I am trying to make my reading and blogging life really healthy! I want to spend as much time reading and blogging and basically have a nice balance between the two!

So last week, something on Twitter blew up! And yeah, there’s another author behaving badly, people! I actually know these two authors and I was just appalled at what the debut author did – accuse a well-established author without any facts at all, of plagiarism. What still sticks up my craw is that her half-assed “apology” is practically NOT an apology at all. I haven’t read both authors but the debut author’s book was on my TBR pile and yeah, the key word here is WAS. I am never reading anything from her at all. And yeah, I already purchased the book from the other author and will be reading it soon!




Reading Progress

It looks like I will be able to meet my other challenge goals before the end of this year! I won’t be able to meet all of the goals but I know I will be meeting more than half of it! YAY!


Must Read Book of the Month

The One You Fight For by Roni Loren

This book is seriously soooo good! My review will be up the week of release so stay tuned for it!


Books Read this Month


Book Reviews 

  1. [2 Nov] Hot Asset by Lauren Layne
  2. [8 Nov] He Kissed Me First by Sara Ney
  3. [9 Nov] Phoenix Unbound by Grace Draven
  4. [15 Nov] Mistress of The Seas by Ruth Ryan Langan
  5. [23 Nov] Shades of Wicked by Jeaniene Frost


Blog Posts

  1. [1 Nov] I Need to Read More! November 2018 Monthly Wraps
  2. [6 Nov] Backlist Books I Want to Read
  3. [11 Nov] Currently Reading Weeks 42-44: Stay Safe, Everyone!
  4. [13 Nov] All I Want for Christmas: Bookish Edition
  5. [19 Nov] Why I’m Not a Fan of Bookish Subscription Boxes
  6. [20 Nov] 10 Amazing Books I Read This Year



Movies & TV

We watched a few shows this month and finally went to the theater! Wreck it Ralph was fun! Bohemian Rhapsody was really good and the theater clapped when the movie ended. I had to see Robin Hood because Pierre wanted to see it and I thought it was meh.

We also rented Deadpool 2 and Ready Player One and both of them were okay. RPO was a little bit disappointing, though.


Let's Discuss

What do you think about the author behaving badly brouhaha?

Also, I am planning to change up my post format. What do you think I should change? 


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10 responses to “Busy Fall with Maybe Slow Reading and New-To-Me Authors | November 2018 Monthly Wraps

  1. Danielle Hammelef

    Balance is always good, but hard to achieve, so I wish you the best in that. We just watched Ready Player One on DVD last weekend. Better than I expected after the meh reviews. At least we didn’t go to the theater and pay the “big bucks” to see it. I missed the Twitter blowup, but I don’t get involved in bad behavior in person or online, so I probably just flipped past it all.

    • Yeah, I don’t participate in those types of things but I do keep track of it when I can.

      With the holidays, it’s been pretty challenging keeping my schedule as balanced as I can! ANd yeah, I haven’t been blogging in a while!

  2. Looks like you had a good month. That’s too bad that the authors were behaving badly. I try to stay away from drama. How did you make that chart that shows the books you reviewed in 2018 and how many were each star rating?
    Kathleen Bailey recently posted…The Absence of FictionMy Profile

    • Hi Kathleen, that is a screenshot from Goodreads! 🙂 You can access that from your profile. As long as you rate and have dates when you read the books it should whos on this chart 🙂

  3. Ooh, I’m reading The One You Fight For by Roni Loren right now and so far, I’m enjoying it. I’m glad to see that you really liked it so I’m happy to continue reading. Woot!

    I’ve been hearing that same thing about the Robin Hood movie and I’m bummed about that since I want to see it. I’m still going to see it though. I adored Ralph Breaks the Internet too. Such a cute movie!
    Rowena recently posted…The Weekly Recap (113)My Profile

    • Right?! I absolutely agree! She was like – oh it was made in isolation but never an apology! Never reading a book by her ever.