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My Thoughts

No Ordinary Mistress is Robyn DeHart’s first book in her series Masquerading Mistresses.  This is a novella and I was a little bit surprised how well the story flowed despite it being a little bit short for my taste.

The two protagonists: Emma Masterson and Remington (love that name, BTW) Hawthorne, Earl of Latham are spies for the Crown.  To complicate things, there are (were) partners.  The story opens two years before when both Emma and Remy (Remington) were on assignment together and both had a falling out.  Emma, being an independent woman that she is, did not want to be controlled by a man because she didn’t want history to repeat itself (her mother was a courtesan and she didn’t want to be like her).

Fast-forward to two years later, Emma and Remy meet again while she was on assignment and witnesses a murder.  Their boss, immediately orders both of them to work together so Remy can protect Emma.  Naturally, Emma doesn’t want this but she has no choice.  She poses as Remy’s mistress so they can be seen together without raising any questions.

I mentioned that this was a novella and it IS a really good one.  I love that this read like a full novel, however, the pacing was a little bit too fast for me.  I understand that they had a history together but the transition from “I hate you” to “let’s make love” was just too fast for my taste.  There were also parts where I was frustrated with Emma just for speaking (weird, huh?).  Oh, and the last scene where she proclaims her love to Remy in front of the whole agency?  I thought that was corny.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the story but I did not really like Emma.

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