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This challenge will go on forever (or as long as I will be reading and blogging, anyway).  This is a personal challenge, so to speak.  I will be listing down all the books that have my name as one of the characters, no matter how minor or insignificant this character might be.  As you might know (or might not), my name is pretty unique, for a girl.  I haven’t met anyone with the same name as mine and don’t really see my name used in the printed word or in movies.

My name is EZRAH.  Yes, it has an H in the end.  I guess my parents wanted it to look girly, or whatever.  And yes, it is a male name.  *sigh*

Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Character Name: Ezra
Role: insignificant
About:  Convenience store clerk that does not give any info to Nikki.
Thoughts:  I love (insert sarcasm here) that he looks like a greasy-haired teenager that doesn’t give a sh*t that weird peeps from the underworld appear and disappear in the store.

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