My Semi-Bookish Life: A Non-Bookish Post #1

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a non-bookish post about moi – because I do have a life

For Memorial Day weekend, I was the typical couch potato. Well, the hubs is already back to work so I have two weeks to myself right now to watch whatever shows I want to watch.  Yes, there was reading done this weekend BUT I had to satisfy my movie watching needs first.  These were the movies/series that I saw this weekend.


My husband had hooked me on this show a couple of months ago and I LOVE it. Well, I love Joshua Jackson so—- But back to the series. I love the unique and intriguing plot of this series. Fringe science is definitely interesting. I also love Dr. Bishop and his quirky weirdness.  I am still in season 1 but I am plodding along slowwwwwly.

tinker-bell-and-the-legend-of-the-neverbeastTinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

It is NOT a secret that I love anything Disney. And yes, even if I don’t have kids yet, I love watching animated movies and cartoons! Okay, not you SpongeBob and I don’t watch the Disney Channel any longer BUT Tinker Bell! I liked that this movie does not revolve around Tinker Bell but Fawn, the animal fairy. Plus, the Neverbeast is cute, too! At this point, I wish that they are still making those Barbie movies!  Those were really good!

forensic-filesForensic Files/How Not to Kill Your Husband/Snapped/Killer Kids

One of my favorite shows is almost ANYTHING on ID or HLN or Oxygen. This week, marathons of Forensic Files (love the narrator, Peter Howard’s voice & delivery), How Not to Kill Your Husband, Snapped and Killer Kids (that child narrator is creepy) were on so I have been watching these shows until really LATE.  I absolutely love this shows and I have no idea why.  Which brings me to the next one.


criminal-mindsCriminal Minds

I love the weirdness of the characters in Criminal Minds.  It is on Netflix but I usually watch it when there’s a marathon going on.  This was the series of episodes leading up to the death of Hotch’s ex-wife.  Plus, I saw this weird episode of a lady killer who loved to paralyze her victims, dress them up as life-sized dolls AND play tea with them!


I also started watching a few episodes of Revenge and I found it intriguing but probably not something that I would want to continue watching. I think there is just too much drama going on (which is the purpose of the series) but I thought it was going to be a serious series. It felt too teen-ey for me – maybe because it is by ABC.




A couple of weeks ago, we went to Vegas for the Rock in Rio festival and I got to see Metallica (finally), No Doubt, and Linkin’ Park.  Yay!  Go 90s!  Hubby really enjoyed it and I did too!  We only went for the rock weekend, though.  I would have liked to see Ed the Sheeran (LOL see video with Kermit the Frog for Red Nose Day) for the pop weekend but…



For Memorial Day, I also swam in the pool!  No pool party, of course BUT I really loved swimming!  The water was just perfect and at last, THE SUN IS OUT!



I have NO idea what this is called but this Thai dessert is the BOMB!  We have this sticky rice and mango dessert in the Philippines but we add NATIVE DARK CHOCOLATE not coconut cream.  This yummy dessert is just DELISH!


So, what did you do this weekend?

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