My Ten Most Read Authors

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My Ten Most Read Authors

Let’s talk about anything bookish!


I’ve thought about the authors that I read the most books from and I was quite surprised at the outcome!

I kinda had an idea of who the authors were because I did this post a few years ago. I was pleasantly surprised when I tallied and came up with this list since some of the authors have remained and I have added new authors on this list.

Obviously all of the authors mentioned on this list are romance authors. However, they write in different genres, except for a few that write multiple romance genres. I picked 10 of my favorites, and the books I read range from 33-15 for each author.

Are you ready to find out my faves?

Please say you are because I really made an effort coming up with this list! Haha okay, not really since I just exported my Goodreads booklist.

Lisa Kleypas


Where to I start! Lisa Kleypas is my number one favorite authors and it’s quite obvious how much I love her, right?! 33 books in total? She’s also my most reread author because her books just give me the feels and they are amazing and well written!

I haven’t met Lisa Kleypas yet and she is on my bucket list of authors to meet! She will be at next years’ Kiss Con: A Weekend Affair in Chicago next year and I am going! I can’t wait to meet her!

I’ve been reading LK since I was 14, I think? She was also one of the first authors I read that wrote modern historicals as opposed to old school historicals.

It was really hard picking my top fave Lisa Kleypas books because I wanted to add all of my faves, however, I wanted to limit it at 5 for everyone to be fair. I’ve also discovered that I haven’t reviewed a lot of LK books that I read?! 

Favorite Books by Lisa Kleypas

Reviews: Dreaming of You |Stranger In My Arms


Jess MichaelS


Wow! I did not expect Jess Michaels to be number two at all! This is because it’s been a while since I read Jess Michaels‘ books! Jess was the first author that I read who wrote erotic historical romances and I really loved her book! But did you know that she also wrote historical romances for Avon under Jenna Petersen? I’ve read 13 books written by Jess under Jenna Petersen, so in reality, I’ve read 44 of her books. But, I’m only counting books published under Jess Michaels.

The reason why I haven’t picked her up in a while is that I’m not a fan of her writing style now that she has moved to indie pub under Jess Michaels. I liked her earlier work, to be honest, and I hope that she goes back to that style.

Favorite Books by Jess Michaels

Reviews: Taken by the Duke | Sin | An Introduction to Pleasure | Beauty and the Earl | Forbidden


Sophie Jordan


One of my favorite authors that write in multiple genres is the fabulous Sophie Jordan! I have read her YA fantasy, new adult romance, contemporary romance, and historical romance! Isn’t that amazing? One of my favorites series is her contemporary Devil’s Rock series!

Sophie also writes paranormal/urban fantasy under Sharie Kohler! I still need to read those books!

Favorite Books by Sophie Jordan

Reviews: All Chained Up | Beautiful Lawman | Foreplay  | Sins of a Wicked Duke

Sabrina Jeffries


I’ve met Sabrina Jeffries multiple times now and she manages to remember my name! I met her for the first time in 2010 at my very first RT Convention (when I didn’t know there was such a thing as a book convention and only went for that book signing). The last time I met her was last year, at the Historical Romance Retreat.

Sabrina also wrote under Deborah Martin but has since re-released 3 of her Deborah Martin books under Sabrina Jeffries, so I am counting those here.

Favorite Books by Sabrina Jeffries

Reviews: How to Woo a Reluctant Lady | ‘Twas the Night After Christmas | To Pleasure a Prince | One Night with a Prince


Lorraine heath


I am absolutely in love with Lorraine Heath! I also love that she wrote spin-offs of her Scoundrels of St. James series because that’s my favorite series by her!

I’ve also met Lorraine a couple of times now and she’s super, super nice! I’m still reading her up to now, too!

I still need to read her Western Historicals, though! I know a lot of my romance reading friends have said that I should read them!

Favorite Books by Lorraine Heath

Reviews: Waking Up with the Duke | In Bed with the Devil


Tessa Bailey


Tessa Bailey was a new-to-me-author who I binge read like crazy! Her books are witty and sexy and really, really steamy! Also, she can write dirty talking heroes like nobody’s business!

I’ve met her once now and she is amazing!

Favorite Books by Tessa Bailey

Reviews: Fix Her Up | Getaway Girl | Follow | Risking it All


Jennifer Probst


Around the time when I started reading a lot of contemporary romances, I stumbled upon Jennifer Probst and I was hooked! I binged her backlist and read the Marriage to a Billionaire series, and the spin-off Searching For series.

Favorite Books by Jennifer Probst

Reviews: Searching for Beautiful | Searching for Someday


Jeaniene Frost


A few years ago, I picked up a random paranormal romance book. In that book, there were two characters that caught my curiosity and wouldn’t you know, they had their own complete series! I binged all 8 books in one week (OMG! That has never happened before!) and I was hooked. That couple was Cat and Bones and that series was the Night Huntress Novels! There are now spin-offs of that series, but Cat and Bones’ series will always be my favorite!

I’ve also met Jeaniene before and Tavia Gilbert, the narrator for all her books!

Favorite Books by Jeaniene Frost

Reviews: Halfway to the Grave | One Foot in the Grave | Shades of Wicked


Jay Crownover

Author Jay Crownover


Jay Crownover is another one of those authors that I discovered when I binged new adult romance! Her Marked Men series and the spin-off Saints of Denver series are both amazing! Welcome to the Point novels are also loosely connected to the Saints of Denver series. There is also one book that she wrote that spoke to me and sort of parallels my own HEA. So yes, she is special!

Favorite Books by Jay Crownover


Reviews: Recovered | Rule | Better When He’s Bad


Elle Kennedy


Elle Kennedy’s romantic suspense series Killer Instincts series was another series that I binged! I read them during Christmas break, so I was able to binge the heck out of it in a few days! WOW! I was hooked!

But the first Elle Kennedy series I picked was her new adult series that I got when the 3-book bundle went on sale. I was blown away! The Deal and The Mistake are two of the books that reread a lot!

Favorite Books by Elle Kennedy

Reviews: Midnight Action | Midnight Games | Midnight Target


Quick Recap
Lisa Kleypas Tessa Bailey
Jess Michaels Jennifer Probst
Sophie Jordan Jeaniene Frost
Sabrina Jeffries Jay Crownover
Lorraine Heath Elle Kennedy


Who are your most read authors?

Have you read any of the books on my list?


Do you have any bookish discussion suggestions? Please submit them here!

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8 responses to “My Ten Most Read Authors

  1. Sharlene Wegner

    On your list, I have read all of the Lisa Kleypas books – I met her in NY last summer! Sabrina Jeffries, I read 3 out of the 5 you have listed. Loved the entire Hellions of Hallstead Hall series. I read and loved Jennifer Probst’s Marriage to a Billionaire and Searching For series. My top read authors would be Carolyn Brown at 55, Nora Roberts ( can’t count them all, as I read a bunch before I registered on GR) Lisa Kleypas at 34, Jill Shalvis at 29, Jill Mansell at 22, Rachel Gibson at 19, Julia Quinn at 19 Laura Florand at 18, Susan Elizabeth Phillips at 17, Eloisa James at 15.

  2. I love this! Bookish stats is one of my absolute favorite things! I did a post like this back in 2015 and then I revisited again just last year and it was a lot fun to see how it changed! Of course, this was easier back when Goodreads had the handy feature that actually showed you your most read authors ? Man, I miss that feature. Lol. My top 3 most read authors (according to the post I did in 2018) are Rick Riordan, Jennifer Estep, and R.L. Stine!

    From the authors you mentioned, the only one I am familiar with is Sophie Jordan… Firelight is has been on my TBR list forever!
    Liliana recently posted…It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #167: More Endings… My Heart Can’t Take It!My Profile

    • I totally agree! I had to export the CSV file from Goodreads so I can get a good count of the number of books I read from each author. I love Sophie Jordan, but I love her adult romances best.

  3. It’s interesting how there are a couple here that I already know and love (Jay Crownover, Elle Kennedy), a couple that I’m familiar with but haven’t read anything by them yet (Tessa Bailey, Sophie Jordan), and then a few that I’ve never even heard of (Lorraine Heath). I did just get an email from my library that my digital hold for Bailey’s Fix Her Up is in, so hopefully I’ll be reading my first by her soon!
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…Monthly Wrap Up | August 2019My Profile