My Favorite Non-Scary Halloween Films

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We interrupt this blog to bring to you my favorite Halloween movies! Oh, and just so you know, I ABSOLUTELY GET SCARED SHITLESS really easily so I hardly watch scary movies. Last week, I shared a list of the scarriest movies I WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN! So, this list are of AWESOME non-scary Halloween films!

The Nightmare Before Christmas | Henry Selick (1993)


Who doesn’t love the amazing Jack Skelington, the Pumpkin King?! When I saw this way back in third grade, I was transfixed! The amazing story and the marvelous sing-worthy songs! But there is also the CREEPY factor! Plus, I am shipping Sally and Jack! I always watch this movie during Halloween every year without fail! Imagine 23 years of watching this? AND IT still amazes me!

Hocus Pocus | Kenny Ortega (1993)


Ah, another all-time fave! I saw this waaay back in third grade and then every year after that! It helps that I was intrigued by the Salem witches way back then! Plus, it also comes with a talking cat! Oh, and did you know it was directed by Kenny Ortega who directed High School musical?

The Addam’s Family | Barry Sonnenfeld (1991)


I don’t believe I saw this movie when it came out, I think it was a few years later but I absolutely LOVE it! I mean, Lurch (one of my bestie’s nickname is Lurch!), Thing, and Wednesday?! SUPER ADORABLE! I also loved watching the animates series where they go on adventures on their “house car” with vultures. Plus this stars Angelica Houston THE PERFECT Morticia!

Beetlejuice | Tim Burton  (1988)


I saw this movie when I was about 10ish and I LOVED it! EVIL Beetlejuice but still so funny. And remember that Dayo dance scene? I also loved the animated series.

Sleepy Hallow | Tim Burton (1999)


Another creepy movie starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton! I loved watching this movie and it’s creepy setting and of course, I was already familiar with Ichabod Crane and the famous Headless Horseman!

Coraline | Henry Selick (2009)


It was a dark and stormy night when I ventured out to see Coraline. IT WAS LITERALLY RAINING HARD in California that night (and it doesn’t really rain here in So Cal) and I was so excited to see this movie so we went to see it. I was NOT disappointed. I had already read the book by Neil Gaiman before seeing it and it did not disappoint! Oh, and did I say that the Other Mother SCARED ME SHITLESS?

The Craft | Andrew Fleming (1996)


This movie disturbed me so much! Plus, there was that scene with the snakes! Eeeep! However, this is an amazing film about teenage witchcraft. I think this was the Mean Girls of the time! LOL

Interview with the Vampire | Neil Jordan (1994)


Forget about Twilight and damn vampires that glitter in sunlight. Think instead about THE vampire that BURNS in sunlight! Of course, it helps that it Louie and Lestat were played by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise! Swoon! Again, this was my very first vampire movie.

Corpse Bride | Tim Burton, Mike Johnson (2005)


AHHHH this movie! I love it! It’s another Tim Burton classic with the amazing music by Danny Elfman! The perfect creepy combination!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula | Francis Ford Coppola (1992)


I saw this movie right about the time that I saw Interview with the Vampire and I was entranced! The scary romance of Jonathan and Mina and Mina and Vlad?!


Have you seen any of these movies? What are your favorite non-scary Halloween movies?

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5 responses to “My Favorite Non-Scary Halloween Films

  1. Lys

    I LOVE Tim Burton’s movies ! I love Sally and Jack too ! And the songs are sooo good (I’ve only heard the french version but I probably listen to the english one).