Insta-Love at it’s Worst! Mouth to Mouth by Tessa Bailey [Book Review]

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My Thoughts

Mouth to Mouth surprisingly dropped without any notice last year and I was shocked! I did not expect this book at all and I hurriedly purchased it when it came out. Man, was I thoroughly disappointed!

I have been reading a lot of Tessa Bailey books for a while and I have enjoyed the majority of the books I read by her, so I had high hopes of the book going in. A few of my romance bookstagram friends who received an ARC for the book were singing their praises for this book, so yeah, I was definitely going in hyped up already.

There’s nothing much I can say about Mouth to Mouth than it felt like the characters were just running around all over the place. The premise is something that I usually like. To be honest, I expected to be blown away. An ex-convict hero and a shy virginal younger heroine? Those usually check all my boxes but ultimately, this book fell flat to me.

The heroine, Olive was the most interesting part of this book, by the way. She used to be really big on social media because her parents had a Youtube channel until she became older and was basically cut off from her family. I sympathized with her and felt really bad for her. However, Rory was another story. He really came off as a little bit creepy.

Mouth to Mouth was boring and I almost lost interest with it halfway through. In fact, I skimmed through a few pages, and I don’t know why I didn’t DNF it. Yes, the book was steamy, yes the hero was a dirty talker, but this book just didn’t speak to me. I also didn’t feel that the characters and the romance were that interesting.

I’m not sure I can recommend Mouth to Mouth. I will say that I will still read other Tessa Bailey books.




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Have you read Mouth to Mouth? What did you think about the romance? The characters?


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2 responses to “Insta-Love at it’s Worst! Mouth to Mouth by Tessa Bailey [Book Review]

  1. Hmm, thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. I don’t read a lot of books by Tessa Bailey though I’m interested in trying her stuff…but I’ll probably choose another point to start. 🙂

    • Oh! You should start with her Line of Duty series and Crossing the Line series! OMG! Her standalone Follow is also amazing!