Monthly Wraps: February 2016

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Last month’s deets on I Heart Romance & YA



February was uneventful for me.  With hubby at work in Texas (he’s coming back on the 10th, yay!), I totally missed Valentines’s Bay!  Not that we didn’t talk on Valentine’s Day, but it is a tad bit lonely.

Work has been super crazy lately.  It seems that I have been traveling more in the last two months, alone!  I even did a day trip up in Northern California, then another overnighter further up North!  It was pretty, though.  I was able to see the country for a while.  And, work is pretty rewarding.

I admit to not having seen a lot of movies this month.  Only because of the craziness and Pierre not being here, but I resolve to change that in the next couple of weeks.  So, I’m not sure if The 5th Wave is still on, but if it is, I’ll watch it by myself.  Deadpool is also on my list, but this will have to wait when Pierre is back.  I did see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I liked it.  It had a weird ending, though (I guess I need to review this, yeah?).

And if you have been living under a rock, there was this thing called #LoveAThon hosted by Alexa (Alexa Loves Books), Cee (The Novel Hermit), Hazel (Stay Bookish) & Mel (The Daily Prophecy).  It was amazing!  I got a lot of book recs and I discovered a lot of bloggers!  The Twitter chats were awesome, too!


I was soooo excited when I got my February Owlcrate box because THE LUNAR CHRONICLES OTP tote!  I mean, eeeeeeep!  I see Thorne!  I’m also excited to read The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry.

I also got a couple of book mails in February!  Soooo excited about that.  And, I have been consistently posting bookish photos on Instagram!  Follow me @zerisse so you can see my bookish spreads!



I’ve read 18 books so far, with 11 books read in February, 4 physical copies, and reviewed 5 books so far.  I have a few books in queue ready to post!  YAY!  I have also re-read 1 book this month.  From the Shelf Love Challenge, I’ve read three books: The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engle, Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas, and The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne.






  1. [3 Feb] Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner
  2. [17 Feb] Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
  3. [19 Feb] The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne
  4. [24 Feb] Lady Bridget's Diary by Maya Rodale


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Oh em gee I can’t wait to meet MR. RICK YANCEY on March 15th!!!


I don’t do marathons BUT these are the TV shows I tuned into in February


  • The Walking Dead – It’s back peoples!  And the first episode was JUST TO DIE FOR AMAZING!
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries _ I’m really enjoying this series!  Thanks for the recs #LoveAThon
  • Princess Hours (Korean Rom-Con) – oh, the nostalgia!
  • Project Runway All Stars – OMG!  I am just obsessed with Project Runway!  And although my favorite, favorite is the original Project Runway with Heidi and Tim, I still enjoy All Stars.



This book had me UGLY CRYING in prologue alone!  The Hunter is one of the most memorable reads this year!  And this also restored my love for historical romance again!


I’m definitely growing to love #bookstagram and bookish scenes, so I am continuing to do more of those!  Although not as frequent as I want to because it does take time to set these things up.

I’ve also been watching a few booktubers and I admit to feeling jealous and thinking that I would want to do something like that BUT I know that’s not possible.  I don’t think I have time to make videos and edit them, read books, make crafts, and blog, on top of my real work!  So yes, I bow down to all you booktubers!  Amazing job!

The Secret Sister Project is AMAZING!  I have been changing snail mail with my secret sisters and it’s really fun!

How did your month go?  Any new book recs?

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6 responses to “Monthly Wraps: February 2016

  1. That is an awesome Owl Crate! And yeah, the first episode back of The Walking Dead was so good!! Your chart on your challenge goals always makes me wish I could afford to switch where I have my blog and do those, but for now, money and time, can’t afford the movie. Hope your have a great March too. You can check out my Sunday Post in the link below!
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted…Sunday Post #50 and Stacking the Shelves March 6th, 2016My Profile

    • Hey Lisa, I got the chart on another website, I will send you a link when I can access my bookmarks, I’m on another computer right now, but it’s free and that’s where I do it. I can download the chart I created from there and it saves as a .png file which you can upload to blogger 🙂 Hope this helps!