Monthly Mini: TBR February

Posted February 2, 2013 by Zeee in Monthly Wraps0 Comments

It’s February and it’s the month where two hearts beat as one.  Okay, so that sounded so corny but hey, you are allowed to be corny during Valentine’s Day right? Right.

Anywho, what better way to start the month with a mini challenge.  This month, I will be reading and reviewing four books on my TBR shelf.  Of course, all of them are romance themed so it does work into the season.


Well, what are you guys planning to read this month?

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0 responses to “Monthly Mini: TBR February

  1. Nice mix for your TBR this month! Warm Bodies! I wanted to score a copy of my own too ever since I've watched the trailer for the movie. Gotta read it before seeing the film, as always. Haha.