Work + Reading, Oh My! May 2019 Monthly Wraps

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Work + Reading, Oh My!

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Happy new month, Wormies! It’s June and I just found out that June is Audiobook Month?! Anyway, YAY! I did not know that this was a thing! I’ve mostly switched to audiobooks now and I am not looking back!

So, last month, I talked about traveling for work. And yes, I have been and will be traveling for work until July (that I know of). Despite all the traveling, I managed to read 12 books, with an additional 2 DNFs – Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston and Pretty Reckless by L.J. Shen. I feel so accomplished with 12 books!

I’ve also been hooked on PNR – especially with dragons or dragon shapeshifters! I highly recommend Juliette Cross and G.A. Aiken (who is also Shelly Laurenston)!

We also had a few friends over for swimming and barbecue! Because I am such a homebody, it was fun having them over to catch-up! Also, we’ve known each other since Kindergarten!




Reading Progress

I read 12 books this month, you guys! I also DNF’d an additional two. I actually went as far as chapter 4 on both and I just couldn’t continue. With Hot and Badgered, the Badger shifter sisters were too quirky they were extremely annoying. For Pretty Reckless, I guess I’m not feeling LJ Shen’s writing at the moment. I also tried reading Vicious a few months ago and I couldn’t continue reading it, as well.


I have no changes with my longest and shortest book, but this screenshot was taken after I finished reading The Unhoneymooners so it’s showing 54 instead of 53.


Must Read Book of the Month

I just read Fated and I am hooked to the series now! Thank you to my friend Teresa (@reads_romance) at Romance Reader for recommending this series!

I also got the ARC for Fix Her Up Tessa Bailey and it’s GLORIOUS! I can’t believe I waited this long to read this book! It’s funny and classic Tessa Bailey! Also, Georgie is an awesome birthday clown!


Books Read this Month


Book Reviews 

  1. [2 May] Dragon Fire by Juliette Cross
  2. [9 May] The Lying Hours by Sara Ney
  3. [14 May] Unbroken by Jay Crownover


Blog Posts

  1. [7 May] Travel Time + Binge Watching + Reading, Oh My! April 2019 Monthly Wraps
  2. [13 May] Should You Tag Authors when Sharing Positive Book Reviews?



Movies & TV

We managed to see two movies at the theater last month – Detective Pikachu (which I hated) and the live-action remake of Aladdin. I enjoyed Aladdin but I liked the changes that they made from the 1992 animated movie.

Watching the movie made me rewatch the animated movie again and I remember how much I loved it! Lea Salonga’s singing voice for Jasmine in 1992 is sooo good! And Robin Williams was THE Genie!

I am a Disney kid and remembering these movies always make me feel nostalgic! I can still remember most of the songs and some of the dialogue! I swear Pierre wasn’t too happy that I dragged him to see Aladdin! Also, I was 5 when The Little Mermaid came out in 1989 and I can’t remember


Let's Discuss

I am in search of awesome dragon or dragon shifter books! Please recommend them to me!

Also, how has your month been? Did you enjoy the long weekend?


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  1. Danielle Hammelef

    Pool party and BBQ sounds so much fun! Now I want to read Fix Her Up as it sounds exactly what I love to read in this genre.