Reading, Sickness, & Romance | March 2018 Monthly Wraps

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March 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

Last month on I Heart Romance & YA


A lot of things happened last month! Most of all it was filled with reading, sickness and ALSO romance! *wink But yeah, it was not fun!


Other than that, March wasn’t as eventful as I thought it would be. But April looks like a good month because it’s also my birthday month! I had a discussion about this with my coworkers and I have to admit, now that I am slowly approaching my mid-30s, I am starting to forget my age. Yeeaaaah.

Twitter 11

Also, I can’t believe I’ve been on twitter for 11 years?! WOAAH. Not that I am an active Twitter user, but I was there when it started! I’m also not an active Twitter user and mostly open the app only to get caught up on news, maybe tweet occasionally and share stuff. Other than that, I am not as active. I used to be more active in the last two years, but it quickly became too much for me.

Video Chat

I was also video chatting with my cousins last Friday! They are observing Easter there so that means they did not have any school or work. If you are new, these cousins are like my sisters! It was fun catching up and chatting about nothing and everything!

Ana and Ana
This was us last year at their brother’s wedding.




Reading Progress


March 2018 GR Overview

Nobody Does it Better remains the longest book I read this month. The longest audiobook I listened to is The Wall of Winnipeg and Me that I incidentally DNF’d. LOL I also re-read more books this month because I was sick and I always default to my comfort reads.


March 2018 Challenge Overview


Must Read Book of the Month

Hello Stranger Skinny Review

Hello Stranger is FINALLY out! I wasn’t blown away by the book, but it was still a great read.


Books Read this Month

Book Reviews 

  1. [2 Mar] Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas
  2. [9 Mar] The Hookup by Kristen Ashley
  3. [15 Mar] Unearthed by Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner
  4. [16 Mar] Lazy Son by Eve Langlais
  5. [30 Mar] Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey, Krystal Wade

Blog Posts

  1. [1 Mar] I Ventured Out of My Cave! February Wrap Up
  2. [2 Mar] Bad Bachelor by Stefanie London [Excerpt + Giveaway]
  3. [6 Mar] Ten Books I Could Re-read Forever
  4. [8 Mar] Promise Me Always by Rhonda Shaw [Excerpt + Giveaway]
  5. [13 Mar] 10 Books That Surprised Me
  6. [19 Mar] My Go-to Comfort Reads
  7. [23 Mar] Lady in Waiting by Marie Tremayne [Excerpt]
  8. [24 Mar] My Life is an Angsty Romance Novel…
  9. [25 Mar] Currently Reading Weeks 9 – 11: Defeated by the FLU!
  10. [27 Mar] Ten Books Set in SPACE!
  11. [29 Mar] No Earls Allowed by Shana Galen [Excerpt + Giveaway]
  12. [31 Mar] Books on My Radar | April 2018

Waiting For

LA Times Festival of Books

There is NO romance panel at this festival and I’m really bummed! But I will go to the festival on Saturday and check out the booths.

Defy the Worlds by Claudia Gray

I enjoyed Defy the Stars and I can’t wait to listen to the audiobook for this book! Also, Abel is such an interesting character! I do hope there will be more epic space battles!

Movies & TV


From the Theaters

Well, I didn’t get to watch a lot of movies last month. In fact, I missed A Wrinkle in Time and Tomb Raider! I will try to see A Wrinkle this month, though.

Black Panther Poster

  • I watched Black Panther in the theaters again with Pierre because he hadn’t seen it yet. He thought it was okay. I thought it was still as amazing as the first time I saw it!


Binge Worthy & TV

  • Harlots is AMAZING ya’ll! It has strong female characters and intrigue and sex and turf wars! And basically, 2 houses run by 2 madams fighting for customers? Heck yeah!
  • Ancient Aliens is one of my favorite docuseries and I have been binge-watching it again. Also, do you know there is a thing called ALIEN CON? And it’s going to be held in Anaheim, CA?! Like in close driving distance to me?! Eeep!
  •  Justice League because Pierre hadn’t seen it yet. It’s not really as good as I remembered. Not that it was good, to begin with.



Let's Discuss

How was your March? Did you read a lot?

I think I am starting to go back to reading YA again! Any YA recs that I should know about?

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14 responses to “Reading, Sickness, & Romance | March 2018 Monthly Wraps

  1. Happy Birthday (or belated)!

    I’ve had The Wall of Winnipeg and Me on my TBR forever it seems because everyone raves about it. But I saw you and one other person, DNF it so now I’m a little worried about it. I have yet to see Black Panther but my son and I have already decided we’re buying it and having a movie night. I haven’t seen Justice League yet either. I’m so behind in movies. I hope April has treated well!
    Tina recently posted…The March 2018 RecapMy Profile

    • Thanks, Tina! The Wall of Winnipeg was just too slow for me. I couldn’t take it. There was just no chemistry between Aidan and Vanessa.

  2. I started forgetting my age after I hit 30 lol. I don’t know why but I still have to do the math to make sure how old I am lol. I can’t believe Twitter has been around that long now. I’m not an active user on Twitter either. It gets overwhelming with the news feeds. I use it primarily to tweet my posts but I should try to use it more often. I’m just really bad with social media lol. I hope you have a great birthday month!!
    Kathy @ My Nook, Books & More recently posted…Page To Screen Review – Ready Player OneMy Profile

    • Eeeepp me too! I am almost in my mid-30s and I always laugh when I use the calculator to check if my age is correct! I tried to be active on Twitter but there’s just a lot of drama on there. I Tweet infrequently now.

  3. I didn’t realize Twitter has been around that long either. Wow! Zapata’s books are sooooo long. That audiobook must be like 18 hours. Sorry there will be no romance panel, but I am always up for a book festival. I hope you have an amazing time.
    Sam@WLABB recently posted…In a Nutshell ReviewsMy Profile

    • Yeah, they are really, really long AND NOTHING HAPPENS IN THE BOOK! It’s super slow and such a slow burn that I couldn’t finish. I might try her other books later in the year.

    • Thank you, Samantha! I try to login to twitter once in a while, too! Mostly use it to see what’s going on in the community, participate once in a while but not as actively as I did a couple of years ago.

  4. Wow, 11 years on Twitter! That’s crazy! I was so late to the party, and only started my Twitter account about three years ago. But then again, that just seems to be my way with social media – I was still using MySpace ages after everyone else jumped ship to Facebook! 🙂
    I’m glad you enjoyed Black Panther. I’m currently watching all the Marvel films with my boyfriend (I had never watched any of them!), and that’s one I’m really looking forward to seeing. I’ve heard only good things about it 🙂
    Have a great April, and a great birthday! 🙂
    Laura recently posted…I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo 2018!My Profile

    • Thank you, Laura! I have been watching Marvel movies since they started with Iron Man! We used to watch a lot of movies, not so much now, but we try to keep up!

      I can’t remember ever signing up for Twitter 11 years ago! But I guess I did? I think that was the time when social media was starting…I was a senior in college, too! LOL