An Awesome Sports Romance! King of the Court by Melanie Munton [ARC Review]

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I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Genre: Sports Romance

An Awesome Sports Romance! King of the Court by Melanie Munton [ARC Review]King of the Court written by Melanie Munton
Publisher Self Published
Publication Date: December 27, 2017
Genres: New Adult, Sports Romance
Format: eARC
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Flame Rating: three-flames
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Cam has been the king of college basketball for the past three years. Every season he dominates the basketball scene, and the entire country loves him. Well, everyone except for the only girl whose attention he actually wants.


As the new trainer for the men’s basketball team at North Calhoun University, Reese literally can’t stay away from the cocky star forward. She tends to avoid Cam’s type. The big-man-on-campus, alpha male type. But she’s finding it very difficult to ignore him and his relentless flirting.


Reese is the coach’s daughter. Cam’s coach has made it very clear that all members of his team are to keep their hands off Reese, no exceptions. With his final season at NCU under way, the last thing Cam needs is for his team’s dynamic to be screwed up, all because he couldn’t keep from screwing the coach’s daughter. He has to stay far away from her if he wants to take his team all the way.


Trey Warren. Point guard for NCU’s rival school. A.k.a., Cam’s long-time arch rival and coincidentally, Reese’s greatest nemesis. Trey is the one person who can send Cam’s basketball empire crumbling to the ground. Not to mention make matters between Cam and Reese even more complicated.

As the highly publicized rivalry between Cam and Trey intensifies, the attraction between Cam and Reese heats up to scorching levels. No matter what, they know they have to resist each other. The more they deny their feelings, though, the stronger the pull between them becomes.

But can they withstand secrets, betrayals, rivalries, and the ever-present press? Even if they break all the rules, will they be strong enough to fight through the forces conspiring against them?


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I was very surprised that I enjoyed King of Court because I am not sporty at all. I mean,  I know the mechanics of some of the games and I can watch Basketball, but romance? This was also the first book by Melanie Munton that I read and it won’t be my last!

Well, King of Court is an amazing read! I also love that it featured a heroine who was going into sports medicine! Usually, in sports romances, the heroine is not involved in the medical field. Or sometimes, the heroine is the coach’s daughter. Well, Reese is also THE coach’s daughter but she is actually does something for the team.

I love the chemistry between Cam and Reese. I also liked the initial hate/love trope between the two! Also, their meet-cute was hilarious! I couldn’t stop myself from laughing!

One of the things that I didn’t like is the slight love triangle which happens three quarters into the book. And yes, the drama that came along with it.

What won me over was Cam’s career choice in the end. I did not expect that to happen but it was refreshing! King of Court is definitely a MUST read!


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Overall: 4


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About Melanie Munton

Traveler. Reader. Beach-goer. St. Louis Cardinals fan. Pasta-obsessed. North Carolina resident. Sarcastic. Bit of a nerd.

Author of the Cruz Brothers, Possession and Politics, and Timid Souls series, Melanie loves all things romance, comedies and suspense in particular because it’s boring to only stick to one sub-genre! From light-hearted comedies to sexy thrillers, she likes to mix it up, but loves her some strong alpha males and sassy heroines.

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2 responses to “An Awesome Sports Romance! King of the Court by Melanie Munton [ARC Review]

    • Oh great! This was the first book I read by her and it was pretty good! Also sports romance mostly feature Hockey so it was refreshing to have one for Basketball!