I Missed Last Month’s Wrap-up! Oh My! June 2020 Monthly Wraps

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I Missed Last Month's Wrap-up! Oh My! June 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

The last couple of months on I Heart Romance


Hello, lovely Wormies! It’s another month and we have already crossed over half of the year! Unfortunately, the world is still not off lockdown.

I live in Los Angeles and it is reported that there is an increase in the number of positive Covid-19 cases! I also work as a nurse consultant in Long-Term care and I am going into my third week of visiting the nursing homes I am assigned to. We are required to get tested for Covid-19  every week. Hopefully, everything will be okay.

On a good note, I read 9 books this month, which is a bit better than the number of books I read last month, which was 5 books! LOL

I also created a Romance 101 feature: Read a Romance Book and I have 2 romance genres featured already. It’s a huge undertaking and I’m really proud of this project.

Historical Romance | Contemporary Romance part 1



June 2020 Goodreads



May Reads


June Reads


Book Reviews


  1. [8 May] The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa


  1. [12 Jun] The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez
  2. [19 Jun] The Forbidden Man by Karina Halle


Blog Posts

  1. [1 May] I Haven’t Been Reading… | April 2020 Monthly Wraps
  2. [4 May] Read a Romance Book: Historical Romance
  3. [18 May] What Have You Been Doing to Cope? Currently Reading 2020 Weeks 15-20
  1. [22 Jun] Read a Romance Book: Contemporary Romance Part 1


I finally watched a few Studio Ghibli movies and I am in love! I had only seen Howl’s Moving Castle, and I enjoyed that movie (and book) so much! But I haven’t seen the others yet! I am slowly bingeing these movies because I am not subscribing to another month of HBO Max! LOL

Let’s talk about Kiki’s Delivery Service because that movie had me bawling! I was so touched! It was so good!

Let’s also talk about Netflix releasing Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series! I rewatched the whole series again! Pierre and I watched this series way back when we were dating! This is about 20 years ago!


Let's Discuss

How are you holding up?
What were your top reads?


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4 responses to “I Missed Last Month’s Wrap-up! Oh My! June 2020 Monthly Wraps

    • Thanks Aj! I am privileged to get a test every week due to my job but yeah, it is uncomfortable but it’s also a small price to pay 🙂

  1. Katee Roberts is slowly sneaking all her books onto your TBR, I love it! LOL Also yes, I adore studio Ghibli movies so much. Spirited Away is one of my all time favorites.