I’m Reading more Contemporary Romances and Loving It! Monthly Wraps | July 2016

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Last month’s deets on I Heart Romance & YA



Happy almost new month and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER!  I know, I just had to say that because like many of you, the Harry Potter series really changed my life.  Oh and just so you know, I have been sorted to Thunderbird at Ilvermorny.  COOOOOOOOL!

Now enough about HP, let’s talk about contemporary romance!  Why, you ask?  Well, it’s because I am ONE OF THOSE who don’t really care for contemporaries.  GASP!  I know.  BUT HOLD YOUR HORSES BECAUSE I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU!  I am loving contemporaries and read A LOT of that genre this month!  And what’s more, I ACTUALLY LOVED THEM!  To a point where I am actively searching for more contemporary reads!  Oh, this reminds me, this will be a NEW DISCUSSION TOPIC!


Anyway, how have I been doing this month?  Since I am writing this post tonight, and it is still the 30th, I may miss 1 book (that IS if I can actually finish it by tomorrow), so this may not reflect my current stats.


Just think, I am 20 books from finishing my 80 book goal this year!  HOOORAAAY!  But how did I do with my other challenges?  Pretty well in some and not as much in others.  As usual.



I feel like I had a lot of 4 star reads this year.  Hmmmm…..







I am picking Sophie Jordan’s All Chained Up because OMG I absolutely love it!  Although I also gave 5 stars to Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (BECAUSE Matthias!) and The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi, but All Chained Up caught a special place in my heart this month.


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I guess everyone is excited to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, yeah?!  ‘Nuf said.  But how is it that I did NOT attend the midnight release party OR even pre-order this thang?!  I’m scared to, people!  I’m not sure what my thoughts are going to be when I read this.



Pierre and I are slowly rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender because WHY NOT?!  We are still on season 1 though, and since we don’t binge as much, this may take months.  Let me just say that I am STILL charmed by this series!  Oh and let’s not forget my favorite antihero, Prince Zuko!

We also saw a couple movies at the theater this month.  We saw Star Trek: Beyond and Jason Bourne (feel asleep on this one! XD) and they were okay.  Nothing that blew me away.


We also saw Astroboy and again, I fell in love with Toby!


I also watched Archer!  This series is just hilarious and it’s such an awesome spoof of the James Bond franchise that I can’t help but want more!

Bring back the RomComs of the 90s!


finally watched When Harry Met Sally and I must say THAT I FELL IN LOVE!  Meg Ryan was THE IT actress of the 90s and her RomComs where my favorites.  I’m not really sure why it took me this long to see this movie but I’m super glad that I did BECAUSE I WANT MOAAARR!  TBH I am not a fan of the current raunchy R-rated RomComs that seem to be the norm now. *so sad


It seems like I did an awesome thing in managing my time this month because I read a lot, I watched a lot of movies, and I also colored!  Yay!  Two words: time management!  Please note that I color while watching TV! *wink

Also, my besties and I are rebooting our “book club” again!  I’m pretty much leaving them in the dust here but after an in-depth discussion (emojis and gifs included) about how baaaad they have been with reading: Lurch hasn’t read a book in FOUR FREAKING MONTHS, and Shen said she had slowed down a bit in the last few months or so.  Gasp!  THE HORROR!  Evil bookworm that I am, created an Excel sheet of book recs that I am DEMANDING FORCING recommending [insert evil laugh here] them to read.  Hopefully, this will get them out of their funk.  I am also hoping that we can actually discuss the books that we have read since all 3 of us live in different countries AND are in different time zones (well, there’s just me but…).


How has your month been?  Please, please, PLEASE send contemporary romance recs my way because I am absolutely HOOKED!

Also, do you and your friends have a book club?

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9 responses to “I’m Reading more Contemporary Romances and Loving It! Monthly Wraps | July 2016

  1. I actually haven’t read much contemporary romance at all! Good luck with the genre though – I hope you keep finding good titles to read. 😀

    • Thanks, Nicole! The hardest part is deciding which ones to read next! I pretty much suck as deciding which contemporary romance to read! 🙂