I’m on a Historical Romance Reading Binge! January 2017 Monthly Wraps

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Last month’s deets on I Heart Romance & YA

Happy new month, Wormies! February is a very exciting month for me because this means that it will be a short month AND it also means that I will be ALMOST 2 months closer to my vacay in the Philippines! I am SUPER excited about that!

Last month has been very good to me reading-wise. After the initial slump during the first few days (and the disappointing books that I read), I was able to come back stronger and read more.

This month has been VERY productive for me. I read THIRTEEN books already! I mean, this is a surprise, even for me. Not that I am complaining. I’m pretty sure there will be a month where I would be in a reading slump. I’m just pretty happy that I am ahead! I am including the two coloring books that I colored mostly this month (I will be creating a post about this in the future). I am still counting them as books “read”  even though they aren’t technically books.

I also did a pretty good job with reviewing! To date, I have published TEN book reviews but I also have a few more scheduled! Isn’t that amazing? I feel SUPER happy about that since reviewing is one of the challenges I failed miserably. Seriously.

I also did pretty good with discussions and I wrote 1 per week, which is amazing. I may not be writing weekly but I will try to make it as regular as possible.

The ULTIMATE failure this month is the Flights of Fantasy challenge because I DID NOT read a single fantasy book! That is pretty disappointing since I read quite a few last year. Anyway, that will change in February since there are a few fantasy books coming out that I can’t wait to read!

It looks like my January ratings are pretty much spread out. I re-read 4 books, and three of them were my favorite, which can explain the 5 stars.

Any Time, Any Place is now the longest book I read to date. If you haven’t read it yet, GO AND READ IT!

Seriously, people! I read this book twice in two weeks! Once when I read it the week before the new year, and again in January! I’m just totally hooked on this series so if you haven’t read Elle Kennedy’s Killer Instincts series, GO NOW! The next book is coming out in a few months and I just can’t wait because it features Cate and Ash!

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I’m waiting for two books and a movie this month! Ahhh! I have been WAITING for Devil in Spring for what seems like FOREVER! Oh, and Into the Fire is another one that I have been waiting for ABOUT TWO YEARS! I actually re-read The Night Prince series again last year just because I wanted to revisit Leila and Vlad again. Yeah, obsession much!

How could I NOT mention The Lego Batman?! I loved The Lego Movie, which was a real surprise to me and Pierre. I’m not sure if I will wait for him to come home and watch it together with him…but we shall see. *evil laugh*

Let’s just say that the last two months were full of binge-watching TV shows and rewatching a lot of movies.

I saw Rogue One last December all by my lonesome because… well, I couldn’t wait for Pierre to come home and watch it with me. I am EVIL that way! Anyway, this movie was such a surprise and I loved it! The reveal, in the end, was full nostalgia, I tell you.

I saw Sing with the MOMster on Christmas day and it was okay. It was fun but just meh. Not really something that I would want to watch again.

Passengers was an interesting movie. I saw I lot of reviews on Youtube that gave negative reviews for it. I thought it was okay, TBH.

Humans was an amazing surprise for me and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! If you haven’t noticed yet, I LOVE books and movies with androids, AIs, and robots (Mila 2.0Reboot). And just like Humans, Westworld is EXTREMELY AMAZING!

Pierre also convinced me to watch The Magicians and Trollhunters and although I am not done watching those series, I am interested.

Pierre and I also watched A LOT of Batman animated movies! Some were pretty good, the others were just okay. I also watched Wonder Woman! That was FUN!

Did you read a specific genre this month? How did your reading challenges go so far?

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6 responses to “I’m on a Historical Romance Reading Binge! January 2017 Monthly Wraps

  1. danielle hammelef

    You had an amazing month. I want to read You Don’t Know My Name. I hope you post pics from the Phillipians–I’ve never been, but it sounds like a fabulous place.

  2. wow….look at you go girl!!! I am also super excited for Devil in Spring and Into The Fire…both of those are auto buys for me!! I am so glad you enjoyed Lions and Lace, that has been on my tbr forever but that book is now going way up the list in priority. I liked the Duke but not as much as the previous books.
    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Lusting For Covers (242) Devil In SpringMy Profile

    • OMG Devil in Spring and Into the Fire!!! I already preordered those!! EEEKKKKK!!!!!

      Go and read Lions and Lace! It is amazing!!!! I’ve read it multiple times already! 🙂