I love Historical Romance, but I don’t love THAT!

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Let’s talk about anything bookish!

As most of you probably know (or don’t know if you’re new to my blog), my favorite genre is historical romance. This is the genre that hooked me to the romance genre since I was 12 and I haven’t looked back since.

There have been times where I would read other genres, but historical romance will always be my go to during epic reading slumps because they always get me out of that funk.

Now, the reason for this discussion is because I have a confession to make. This may be a shock to a lot of you because I have gotten this reaction before from others who I told this to.

Anyway. Here goes.



BLASPHEMY, you say!

How can you claim to love historical romance when you don’t like ALL THESE PERIOD MOVIES?!


I just. I don’t know WHY I don’t like it. And it’s not as if I didn’t TRY to watch them, you know?

For example, I watched the first season of Outlander and I loved it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the second season. I wasn’t tempted at all. NOT. ONE. BIT.

And then there is Downton Abbey. This series has all the marks of what I absolutely LOVE. But I only watched the first 5 episodes and I wasn’t hooked. And this was SUPPOSED to me MY THING, right?!

Yeah. Call me a TRAITOR to all historical romance lovers.

Here’s another popular historical drama that I binged a couple of years ago: Poldark.

That first season was SMASHING! I was also like YAZ QUEEN DEMELZA! And DEMELZA FTW! And what do you know, I stupidly Googled the book this was based on and discovered what happens in the series to my Queen Demelza. So, it went downhill from there and I NEVER started season 2 at all!

Another popular historical drama that I binged and enjoyed was The Crown. Can you give me another YAZ QUEEN?! It was such a riveting historical drama that I gobbled it up over 3 days! And I don’t normally do that! But now that season 2 is out, I haven’t even watched even one episode yet! #fail

In fact, the only historical/period drama that I have seen past the first season (however, I haven’t EVEN finished) is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Because Miss Fisher is THE NANCY DREW of the 20s! Also, let’s not forget Detective Inspector Jack Robinson.

Here are other historical dramas that I haven’t seen yet. I mean, I should at least have watched any of these for the hunky eye candy, right?

So, here’s the deal. Help me pick what series to binge on NEXT! I swear, and I promise I WILL watch it!

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On a lighter note (or not so lighter note), I love watching historical documentaries and probably binged quite a few! The History Channel is one of my favorite channels and now while subscribing to a few streaming services, I have access to a few amazing ones.


Uh. So, I guess it’s pretty obvious how much I love documentaries?


Am I a gnat and a half because I haven’t seen these period dramas? Should I be punished as a historical romance lover because I haven’t seen these series?

Which ones have you seen? Which ones have the best eye candy?

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16 responses to “I love Historical Romance, but I don’t love THAT!

  1. I absolutely LOVED Downton Abbey, Ripper Street, and The Borgias. I haven’t finished Penny Dreadful, but it’s on my to-do list. And Outlander – I love it and hate it depending on the episode 😉 My admission is I am NOT a romance reader. I will on occasion read a historical romance, but in general I stick to mystery and suspense.

    • Thanks for stopping by Dannie! It’s interesting because these shows aren’t purely romance! You should also try Jennifer Ashley. Her new book Death Below Stairs is a historical mystery! ?

  2. oh you are an oddity huh? 😉 I feel you! I am one too! I’m always the outlier that doesn’t like things like [ready??] The Mortal Instruments! or The Raven Boys! So I just came to tell you not to worry, you are not alone! Now I’m going back to hide from the mob 🙂 [great post!]
    Daniela Ark recently posted…Wassup with all these girls?My Profile

    • I didn’t like The Mortal Instruments and I also haven’t read The Raven Boys… LOL so…. hahaha I usually read overly hyped books waaaayyy after they have been published!

  3. I’ve been recommending Victoria for anyone that loves The Crown. I watch season 1 of those two shows nearly back-to-back and I was amazed at how much HASN’T changed in how royal households are run and function AND with how many of Victoria’s struggles were the same for Elizabeth.

    BTW, I haven’t watched Season 2 of The Crown yet. I mean, I watched episode 1 and I found it dull and didn’t want to keep watching.
    Terri LeBlanc recently posted…Discover a New Book: Invictus by Ryan GraudinMy Profile

    • Oh no!!! Maybe it’s the second season syndrome! Especially for me because I can’t seem to watch the next seasons of my fave shows. I think it is why I loved The People Vs OJ because it was only 1 season and fewer episodes.

  4. Oh my, this is my kind of post, let me get comfortable…

    I never watched Downton Abbey, Poldark or Miss Fisher. I did binge the 1st season of Outlander but then I just never saw the second one because I get tired of waiting for episodes especially when there’s a huge hiatus in the middle.

    I freaking love The Tudors. The last season kind of didn’t live up to the rest but still it was so amazing. Same thing with The Borgias although it got cancelled I think and the end kind of felt rushed but HOLY FEELINGS THAT SHOW! And Reign was good enough, for a teen historical.. The White Queen felt a bit odd, the casting just never hooked me in.

    I only saw the pilot from Penny Dreadful, don’t know what happened but never wanted to see more. I want to watch Victoria so much but only if I can binge watch. Same with The Crown. And I think I watch the first season of the Vikings but never watched the rest and I want to at some point.

    And a rec because obvisously historical TV shows are my favorites here, The Muskuteers, from BBC, a must watch!
    Kei @ The Lovely Pages Reviews recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday | That Awkward Moment When… You Can’t Remember The Books You’ve ReadMy Profile

    • Ahhh Kei! hahaha thanks for enjoying my post! Yeah, I think I just hate the thought of binge-watching because I don’t really do well with bingeing shows… But thanks for the rec! I’ll take a look a The Musketeers and see if I like it.

  5. Alyn

    I watched Penny Dreadful and while I enjoyed the first season, the next one was only okay. The ending of the series was a huge disappointment and I didn’t feel there was enough closure.

    • That’s what I heard, too, Alyn! I think that is why I never really got into it? Also, it was on a premium channel that I don’t subscribe to so…

    • LOL I love how inaccurate they are!! I mean I watch The Crown and by all accounts, they said it is pretty close to the truth with a few embellishments here and there… still entertaining!

  6. My problem with series like Outlander and Downtown Abbey is that they’re not like historical romance novels, in that a romance novel typically has one plot that focuses on one couple, and in the instance of series each book focuses on one couple with some interconnected bits (typically). TV shows have too many characters, too many things to focus on, and they just drag on too long. I typically read my romances in one or two big gulps. GIVE IT TO ME AND GIVE IT ALL TO ME NOW! I don’t want to wait a week for the next little taste (in the case of shows that are currently airing). I don’t want to end the season on a cliffhanger and have to wait MONTHS for the resolution. Also, when reading romances I can picture the characters however I want, in ways that make them interesting and attractive to me. Some of these shows just suffer from poor casting choices, or less than stellar acting, or the actors don’t have any on screen chemistry. All that is avoided when you’re playing the story out in your head.
    Elley the Book Otter recently posted…Book Review: A Devil in Scotland (No Ordinary Hero #3) by Suzanne EnochMy Profile

    • You are right, Elley! They aren’t romances per se but they are historical dramas. However, because I love historical romance, people are still puzzled why I don’t watch them. ?

      I also prefer Netflix or Hulu because they give you the full season once and you can either binge the season or watch at your own pace.