I LOVE Bookish Themed Coloring Books!

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Let’s talk about anything bookish!

So, I know I’m pretty late in discussing book themed coloring books, but I want to talk about it because gaaaaah I can’t seem to get enough!

I have reviewed a couple of them already (The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book, Love Between the Lines Coloring Book) and I recently purchased The Throne of Glass Coloring Book so I thought why not talk about it now.

There are A LOT of options now, too! And the awesome thing about that is that I actually enjoy coloring my favorite characters!

Also, it immerses me even more into the story, especially if I am listening to the audiobook AND coloring the same coloring book. Yeah, I did that with The Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book.

Coloring also helps me relax and exercise my creative side. And although I love coloring books that are not bookish themed, the bookish themed ones are my favorites!

This is also another form of fandom! I mean, I can’t draw anything to save my life and coloring feels like I am living my dream! I mean, I DO WISH that I can draw, but sadly I can’t. ha ha

Bookish Coloring Books I want on my Shelf

Do you enjoy book themed coloring books or do you think it is too much?

Do you think this fad will just die down?

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6 responses to “I LOVE Bookish Themed Coloring Books!

  1. Savannah


    Great post! In spite of I haven’t tried with adult coloring book yet I adore coloring mandalas, it’s so fun and relaxing, I’ve been doing that since last year and can’t have enough of it.

    Reading your post I like the idea of listening and audiobook and coloring the book at the same time. So, I’ll try that pretty soon.

    Keep coloring, girl.

    Greetings from Venezuela

    • Thank you, Savannah! I started with coloring mandalas, too! I just recently started coloring the book themed ones this year!