I was Hugely Disappointed! Huge Deal by Lauren Layne [Audiobook Review]

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My Thoughts

I was really expecting a lot from Huge Deal, in fact, after reading book 1, I was already anticipating Kate and Kennedy’s HEA. Unrequited love is another of my catnips and this book promised to be awesome!

Unfortunately, that was not the case, for me, at least. Huge Deal turned out to be an utter disappointment for me. In fact, this book kept me wanting for more! I guess I wanted more banter and more steam! I mean, after we have been teased about Kennedy and Kate since book 1, most especially book 2, I was already expecting to be wowed. And I guess, that’s just me getting super hyped by a book.

There is a sort of love triangle here in that Kennedy’s brother starts pursuing Kate! A few years ago, Kate had heard Kennedy talk crap about her to Ian and Matt and it broke her heart. Unfortunately, she hasn’t gotten over her boss and has been trying to get over him since. This sounded like the perfect opportunity for Kate to get over her unrequited crush. While this isn’t exactly a love triangle, I’m not a fan of going after someone’s brother to get over the other. So, this was really iffy for me.

Again, I go back to less banter and definitely minimal steam factor as compared to the other two books. While steam factor isn’t a huge plus for me, banter is and that can make or break a book for me.

Overall, I still enjoyed Huge Deal but I really wish there was more. We were already teased with hints of this romance since book 1 and I wish this book delivered.





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What do you think about a book where the hero and heroine’s relationship is teased in the previous books but don’t deliver?

Does this affect your enjoyment of the book?


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8 responses to “I was Hugely Disappointed! Huge Deal by Lauren Layne [Audiobook Review]

    • The love triangle thing isn’t that big of a deal, actually. But I was ultimately disappointed by this overall. The love triangle thingy was just to make Kennedy jealous, actually. But I am still iffy with love triangles and I don’t really like that in books, even if it’s for a “good cause” LOL

  1. I am so sorry this book let you down. I hate it when we go into a book with such excitment and it doesn’t live up to our hype. I think that dissapointment is up there with rejection for me. I do love the title you gave this post though, lol well done 😉 I hope the next book you pick up gives you the proper feels.
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    • Thank you! I love puns and punny titles! 🙂 I’m also a mood reader and that really affects my reactions to what I’m currently reading.

  2. Oh damn, I loved this book. Like, it’s my favorite book in the entire series. I thought that Kate and Kennedy’s romance was handled so well. I love me some jealous Kennedy and Kate was an absolute rock star to me. Sorry, this one didn’t work out for you as much as you hoped it would. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the next LL will work better for you.

    • I guess maybe because I was expecting more? Anyway, I’m still glad you loved it! I am a mood reader and that definitely affects my reactions to what I’m currently reading.