Hubby Reads The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

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Hubby Reads is a feature where I ask my hubby to share his thoughts on the books that I made him read.

The scenario goes like this:  Hubby works off-shore for 28 days and on his downtime, reads. So, I guess he run out of books to read because he was perusing the books that I sneakily added for him to read which included the YA books that I want him to read.  I then get an instant message requesting me to purchase Cress.  Apparently, he had already read Cinder and Scarlet!  LOL

When he came back, I started asking him questions about the series.  As always, I had a hard time making him discuss books with me.  Enter his ONE word/sentence answers.

Oh and a couple of days later, I got another IM with the message:  WINTER…

Sorry Boss, it’s not due for release in December 2015! Ha ha!

What did you think about the series?

I liked it.

What did you think about the characters?


Don’t you think that Cinder is freaking awesome?

Yeah, I guess.

But it’s ingenious how she wrote in a cyborg to be Cinderella!

Heh, I guess.

Can you believe that we have to wait for another year to read Winter?

It doesn’t really matter.  

How will you rate this book?



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