Hubby Reads After the End by Amy Plum

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Hubby Reads is a feature where I ask my hubby to share his thoughts on the books that I made him read.


Because I was curious about this book After the End, I decided to suggest this book to Boss.  He read it before I did so I begged him for spoilers.  He wasn’t concerned about spoiler alerts BUT seeing as he does not really discuss the books he read in detail, I wasn’t really worried.  I did read the book after him (well listened to the audiobook) so I was able to ask him questions after.

Again, I will remind you that he answers in one word/one sentence (or phrase)!

What did you think about the book?

It was okay.

What did you think about the main characters?


What did you think about the conspiracy theory?

It’s impossible to hide a tribe from the world for years.

How will you rate this book?

I don’t know. (shrugs)


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