How Long Do You Review a Book After Reading It?

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Now that I am back and blogging and also reviewing a thought occurred to me. How long do I review a book after reading it?

I normally don’t get anxious about my ever increasing number of books to be reviewed, but I do try to keep up. I know some bloggers who review books every day which is freaking amazing and I wonder at how they seem to do it. I need to know!

Well, I looked into my to be reviewed pile and I discovered that I don’t review books immediately after reading it! Ha! Figures. See, not only am I a mood reader, I am also a mood reviewer! Yes, there are times when I review multiple books in one night and there are times that I do not even think about reviewing. This actually helps me from getting too overwhelmed.

I also noticed that I review books based on how much I enjoyed them. I am more likely to review books with a 3 and higher rating than those that I didn’t enjoy. However, I do review a number of DNF’s and those books that I had high hopes for but I was really disappointed in.

I also review backlist books, so I don’t necessarily have to review them on or during their release date. Which actually helps with the anxiety of reviewing books ASAP.

I think the only time I review books immediately after I finish reading them is when I am scheduled to write a review for a blog tour.

There are benefits of reviewing right after reading a book, though. And that is not forgetting the plot! Haha, I am totally guilty of this because of the number of books I read at the same time. Of course, I know some can juggle this with no problem at all, but sadly I am not one of them. I have had to look up character names before reviewing a book because I couldn’t remember them. And this includes the main characters! I wonder if that is the same for you?

So how long do you review a book after reading it? Do you have any issues of waiting for a few days (or weeks) before reviewing?

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16 responses to “How Long Do You Review a Book After Reading It?

  1. I try to review books within a few days but I think I can relate to your mood reviewer thing. Sometimes I just don’t WANT to put my thoughts into a coherent post haha. I’m the opposite, though. I’m more likely to want to write a negative review than a positive one. I usually have more to say with negative ones, so I know it will be easy lol Either way, I take just a few days. If I take too long, it’s usually okay because I have a notebook where I write down some bullet point thoughts RIGHT AFTER I finish the book.
    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook recently posted…Comment on Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow // The First Book To Make Me Cry This Year by Wendy Falconer GassawayMy Profile

    • Oh, that’s an awesome idea Molly! I absolutely suck at writing down my thoughts immediately after I read a book! hahaha I also forget to highlight quotes and awesome (or bad) sections..

  2. Some books I have to write the review right away. I need to get my thoughts on it out. Others I can wait for weeks or months. I have a few right now that I want to talk about but they aren’t urgent. I read a lot of backlist books so there isn’t a huge time deadline for me to get them written.

    • Oh yes, I read a lot of backlist books. Some I review, other I don’t.. or eventually I get up to reviewing them. I actually started to write a couple of sentences of my initial thoughts after I finish a book so at least if I don’t get around to reviewing them, at least I put my thoughts out there.

  3. I’m usually pretty terrible at reviewing right after I read a book! The odd time I’ll get it done quickly if it’s an arc/part of a blog tour that needs to be done but otherwise I just leave it until the last minute haha. I also tend to forget stuff, so thankfully with ebooks I can highlight the crap out of it for reminders! Awesome discussion!
    Cyn @ Book Munchies recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up (11)My Profile

    • Ohh, I ALWAYS forget to highlight in ebooks! I just can’t seem to remember while I’m reading, though. I know I see your reviews with quotes and I try to include quotes in my reviews, but I always forget to highlight! haha

  4. Ooooh I am so very bad at this! I review a book… probably months after I have read it sometimes. Lately, I have been trying to at least jot down a few thoughts after I finish reading, because like you, I end up forgetting all the things! I have been really good at reading review books lately, which means more of a backlog. This is why mini-reviews are my best friend hahah. Great topic!
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  5. This is a wonderful topic! It can take from two days to a week for me to review a book depending on how much I enjoyed/hated it, or how indifferent I am. Because I have a lot to say about books I hated, much more so than the dreaded MEH books. If it’s taking me longer then it means I really have no idea of what the hell to say and I give up. Unless it’s a book I got from Netgalley, then I push myself to do it *sigh*

    • I know what you mean about the ARC books. haha I do try to review them as soon as I read them. I also noticed that I do have a lot to stay when it’s those that I really hated..and the meh books are really hard to review. *sigh*

    • You are absolutely right, SAM! Sometimes, I do review multiple books in one day, those are few and far between. 🙂

  6. Gah I am so bad at remembering the plot when I wait a while to review a book – this is one of the major reasons I try and review a book right after reading, or at least the day after. Of course, this doesn’t often work. Especially when I just want to move on to the read another book, and then another one, and it can be a while before I’m in the mood to review oops!?
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    • That is true! I try to review right after reading as well. But you know that doesn’t always pan out 🙂