How I Edit Bookstagram Photos Using Free Apps

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How I Edit Bookstagram Photos Using Free Apps

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I promised to have this post up last week, but work happened and I have been getting home late last week, so I didn’t have time to screen record a sample of how I edit a photo on the app. The good news is, I have a screen recording of that so I hope that is helpful to you!

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I use all these apps (at some point) to edit bookstagram photos on my phone. I prefer editing them on my phone because I can do it practically anywhere. Plus, I find that it is just easier to do!




I use Snapseed for the bulk of my editing. I really love their interface and the options in the app. Plus, this app is FREE and does not have any ads at all!

My screen edit will be on this app! Which will be at the end of this post.




I used to use Pixlr a lot before I discovered Snapseed. This app is also free with no ads! I use the Pixlr web app to edit the covers on my iPad! Yes, peeps, I do not open the book cover on my iPad and take photos of it there! I have to thanks Kelly @ Wild and Wonderful Reads for telling me about this!

This is how I legit take photos when I use my iPad! I used to download the book cover and have it show when I take photos but the screen would just be so bright and the covers don’t look as great as actually editing it in! See the images below and you’ll see what I mean.




Finally, I use VSCO for just one filter! It’s the main filter that I use for the overall theme of my feed. I don’t really go crazy on the filters, though. I love how other Bookstagrammers use filters on their feed!




You all know I use Canva for all the images on this blog. I use Canva once in a while for Bookstagram when I need to create a cover for IGTV because I need to have the Image size fit since I almost always set it to 1×1 (square image).


How I Edit Bookstagram Photos Using Free Apps

So, here we are at the end of the post! This is what I typically do when I edit photos on my phone! I really find that editing photos on my phone is easier for me and quicker, too!





This is the final photo!


There you have it! This is how I edit bookstagram photos using free apps! I hope you are able to use any of my tips to improve your own photos!


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7 responses to “How I Edit Bookstagram Photos Using Free Apps

  1. Emma

    How do you use Pixlr to overlay the book cover onto your iPad? I clicked on Kelly’s blog that you linked, but can’t find any more info on how to actually do it on the Pixlr app.

    • Hi Emma! Unfortunately, it does not have it on the Pixlr app… It is available on desktop version though. You will need to use the free distort tool under the Edit button on the image so you can resize the cover photo and keep the aspect ratio 🙂