How Do You Manage Blogging, Reading and Real Life?

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Let’s talk about anything bookish!

So, I have been thinking about all those AMAZING bloggers who manage to blog, read, and live their real life? I mean, they are just doing the IMPOSSIBLE! Or did they sell their souls to some otherworldy being so they can do ALL OF THESE?! Or do they have any elves working for them at night to magically come up with reviews and blog posts? I NEED TO KNOW!

Here is what these INCREDIBLE BEINGS have done ALL AT THE SAME TIME

They manage to read a TON of books and REVIEW them, too! ?

They manage to create content DAILY ✍?

They manage to join a log of BOOKSTAGRAM challenges ?

They even have a BOOKTUBE channel ?

They even manage to COMMENT ON ALL THE BLOGS! ?

And they TWEET A LOT, too! ?

Oh, and those that have stores? I bow down to YOU! ?

And they are ALSO traveling, and LIVING their LIFE!

Like going to school, getting their Masters or heck, OBTAINING THEIR Ph.D.! ?


So here I am, struggling to do at least THREE of these things, and I absolutely FAIL!

What are their secrets? I mean, do they have POWER that I don’t know of? Can I HAVE THAT POWER? ? ?


So, I have been rambling a bit because I am just AMAZED! I noticed a lot of amazing bloggers doing multiple things AND THEN SOME while blog hopping and commenting.

I’m actually not stressing myself out (riiiiigggghhhhhtttt ? ), but I am just amazed at there are some that can do A LOT.

I’m actually pretty glad that I have been blogging more and reviewing more, but I just wish I can also post more photos on Bookstagram!

Are you one of those AMAZEBALLS bloggers? Tell me what platforms you are juggling at the same time?

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26 responses to “How Do You Manage Blogging, Reading and Real Life?

  1. a bunch of people have told me that I am one of those bloggers that seems to be able to do it all. And while, I certainly can do a lot, I can’t do it all. I started my blog while I was in law school and now I’m a practicing attorney, which means I work anywhere from 50-70 hours a week. I post daily on my blog a9dnnormall 3-7 reviews a week) and daily on instagram (and twitter…but that’s all automated.) Which is my number one tip. Find automations that work for you! For me those are programs like “If this then that” and the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin, which saves me tons of time on my blog posts.

    But honestly a lot of stuff is challenging for me. I can never visit and comment on as many blogs as I want (some weeks on none.) And returning comments on my blog is a challenge too. I do a lot of that when I am watching tv at night, and then I read after that. (or when I am at court waiting to go into a hearing…like I am now.)

    I also did a blogging series called Blogging on a time crunch where I have all the stuff I use and lots of free resources, which people have said is helpful. But honestly it is just finding a schedule that works for you. You don’t have to do everything all the time. otherwise, it just gets completely overwhelming.

    • OMG Michelle! That’s amazing! But it’s true, I manage to visit and comment during down times at work and read while driving (audiobooking, anyway) and blog at night.. but sometimes, I just want to NOT blog or comment haha

  2. Honestly, I feel the same way omg. School and my studies are my top priority I blog and read when I have some free time. I tend to read at night before bed after I finish my homework, so I save/waste time that way. I also blog when I take breaks from studying, so I guess that’s how I stay productive!

  3. I think it really depends on life circumstances. For some, it really is that they don’t have as many responsibilities as other people do, whether that’s a job, kids, school, some combination of those things. Or, maybe they do have a job, but their job is such that it allows them time to be doing other things online, whereas when other people go to their job, they are doing work-related things for the full 8 hours. I see tons of people who say they blog while at work, and that’s just not possible for some people.

    On the other hand, I think it’s a priority thing. Could I read 1-2 books a day and end the year having read over 400 books? Probably. If I wanted to. But I don’t. I have hobbies and interests that extend beyond blogging. I like reading and writing and blogging, but spending 5 hours a day or more doing it, when it’s just one hobby, doesn’t necessarily interest me.
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    • That’s true , Briana. I guess there are just a few people who can multitask that way and who can read really fast. And as much as I want to do all of those (and more), I just can’t! It still blows my mind, though!

  4. Ooohhh I’ve been wondering the same thing! It’s a bit different but I’m working on a post about juggling between blogging, bookstagram, and booktube haha because I AM AMAZED to see bloggers who could do it all 😛 anyway, back to your post. I’m a multi tasker and I loooove doing a lot of things at the same time but even then, I get overwhelmed a lot! I managed to balance between blogging, reading, and working but it’s exhausting and I don’t even do it all. Like I post regularly but I don’t blog hop as often 🙁 on the days where work is so busy I have to choose and blogging will take the back seat. And ohhh I also have trouble keeping up with bookstagram! 😛 great post!

    • Thanks, Puput! And I totally agree with you! I have a hard time keeping up. Also there are just those days where you just want to read and not check your blog! 🙂

  5. I might be biased but I consider myself one of “those” bloggers. 😀 I’m in my last semester of undergrad at Johns Hopkins, with two majors (one being engineering, that ALONE is enough) and a minor. I have a part-time job to help with uni expenses. I’ve blogged every day for the last 4+ years (since I started) and I do 3-4 reviews a week. Personally? I don’t sleep like a normal person. I mean, most students don’t? But your average working adult is in bed by like, 10 PM? 11 PM? I go to bed around 2 AM or after, and get up by 7:30 AM at the latest. I think this pattern will definitely change when I graduate and start a full-time job. But for now, my key to blogging “success” is… not sleeping. Which I don’t recommend. 😉

    Have a fantastic week, Zeee! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!
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    • OMG, Alyssa!! I didn’t REALIZE that you practically never sleep! Well, I do remember NOT sleeping as much in college. I only had one major which was Nursing but we had clinicals and it was killer! There were a few nights where I didn’t sleep at all and I had to go and do clinical duty. I wasn’t blogging as much then, but my blog was mostly a journal. I still managed to read a lot, though. 🙂

  6. oh yes there are some bloggers out there that do so much and I have no clue how they do it. For me I mostly work nights so I have the morning and afternoon to get stuff done. I keep a bullet journal to keep me organized. I do my meme posts every week on my day off. I try to read every day and keep up with my reviews as I read. Any spare time I have is devoted to my blog though. But I don’t get everything done that I need to. One day a week I do try to focus on blog stuff only so the rest of the week I have time for life stuff.
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  7. Oooh they have elves for SURE. Or clones, or maybe they have actual magical powers. I have NO idea but I know I am most definitely not one of them. I cannot comprehend how these people have the same amount of hours in the day as I do! And I am not sitting around watching Netflix or anything (I mean, I wish I was, but alas), so I don’t even know- I am not wasting time, so what gives? I feel like I am always playing catch up, you know? Maybe if one day I got ahead…nah, just kidding, I am sure I’d still be behind in a few days 😉 Maybe they can share their secrets!
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  8. I’m always so amazed by how much some bloggers manage to do! Especially bloggers who seem to read hundreds of books a year, somehow get round to reviewing them all, and always get back to their comments the same day. I don’t even get all that many comments and it can take me a few days to get to them, and my posting schedule is all over the place! 🙂
    Great post! 🙂
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    • hahaha me too! It does take me a few days to respond back to comments. I have been trying to comment at least every day so I don’t get swamped!

  9. Sometimes I believe that these book bloggers and BookTubers have little time committed elsewhere (to childcare, work, school, etc.), but then they talk about themselves and reveal that they do have a lot going on. For me, I have to juggle blogging with school. I’ve been doing better at blogging and keeping up with school, but I have a harder time trying to keep Twitter and Bookstagram up-to-date.

    How do you juggle these things? I try to schedule posts well ahead into the future (read: one month) because at some point life will catch up with me. I know that there are ways to schedule tweets and Instagram posts, but I do not remember which services do that. I have heard the sage advice to post content daily, but I can post better quality content if I post only a couple times per week.

    • That’s true, Carrie! I work and don’t have kids but I still struggle with blogging. I have now come up with a schedule that helps me post quality content that is spread out throughout the month. It really helps when there are days when I am too busy to post content.

      I also don’t want to post everyday with non-quality content and filler posts. It just doesn’t feel personal to me.

  10. I think many of these people actually don’t have as many commitments as others do. For instance, if you have three kids and are holding a job and taking some classes, you aren’t going to have much time to blog as a college student. It’s difficult seeing how productive others can look, but I also know their life circumstances might be different from mine. I could never do anything alone, so I really rely on my co-blogger to make sure everything gets done!

  11. Oooh, I know exactly what you mean! I am not one of those wonderful and amazing people who do EVERYTHING. My goal lately has been 3 posts a week (excluding Sunday Posts), and most of those I schedule in advance over the weekend. I basically ignore all social media except for the tweets and retweets I have queued up for my posts. (I’m horrible). And most of my “reading” is listening to audiobooks during my commute. But I’m pretty darn proud of that juggling act, cause I have an 8mo old daughter at home and she takes up a pretty sizable amount of time/attention. <3
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